Basic Website Templates and WordPress Themes

8 Free Basic Website Templates

With information flooding across all the platforms, the challenge for website designers is to bring creativity to a website without making it complicated. If you go for a website too simple, it may not attract enough views. And, if you wish to be creative, you need to break some rules.  

In this tug of the war situation, our basic website templates will open a new box of balance. They are simple yet creative. They are eye friendly, responsive, and at the same time uniquely decorated with brilliant animations.  

Most of these templates follow a conventional layout making it easy for the audience to understand your website. With these, designing a website is as easy as snapping your fingers!  

By the way, minimalistic and simple website designs are slowly sprawling across the web.  So, catch this growing trend and scroll through these templates. 

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Features and Widgets of basic website templates from W3layouts

In this competitive environment, you need to ensure that your website is not left behind in terms of branding. You must develop your website with such amazing features so that every corner of it is used to its fullest accessibility. When we have awesome features, widgets, plugins, add-ons, and tools, a basic website can be turned into a multipurpose one. All these fundamental features can be designed with HTML basic website templates. They have their specific attributes which are the primary requirement for any business.

Every business wants to have maximum productivity while using the most basic components and resources. Our basic website templates are lightweight but with no compromise on their glossy appearance and stylish animations.

Let us see the elements of basic website templates from our collection.

The logo is a significant part of your business and branding. The rightly designed logo helps you to establish your position in the market. W3layouts HTML basic website templates have temporary logos placed, which can be replaced with your brand recognition. Logos create a connection between your brand and the products. They also help your prospective customers to find your business on the internet.

The logo creates consistency and is a measurement sign of a professionally designed website. There are some websites that have already designed logos. If you need a professional logo, you can hire a designer. Choosing the right color combination and font will make a long-lasting impression on customers.


Tabs have a fixed position in the template. The static data which does not change frequently can be placed in tabs. They are suitable for showing and hiding content, and FAQ sections. To display the dynamic content, you need to hire a professional designer or you can take some classes in coding.

Our HTML basic website templates are simple to set up and customize. We have animated tab designs, with JQuery UI plugins, CSS for color and fonts and HTML to form a basic layout. The tabs integrated by our designers are basic inline tabs, floating tabs, and fancy animated tabs.


The timeline is used to create a visual impression in the mind of the users. Here you can present events highlights, important dates, statistics, and data or story. The timelines are easy to read and maintain. Our HTML basic website templates have a vertical and horizontal display of data.

You can also show the images along with the text. The text boxes can be customized and can be placed alternatively or in a single row. For creating a successful website project, strategies for data representation plays a crucial part.


Through the portfolio feature, you can showcase your best samples to your client. These basic templates are perfect for photography websites, interior designing websites, or educational websites. This is the most suitable strategy to let your employers know about your best projects you have worked on.

W3layouts HTML and CSS simple website templates available for free download have this feature to showcase the most creative projects you have undertaken. It has a heading, little description and tabs arranged horizontally for different categories. In the cards, you can show images, videos as a part of your sample work.

Image slider header

We have a full-screen boxed layout auto slider header image. The carousel is designed with HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery. They are 100% responsive. The header layout and menus look sparkling above the image.

The bullets in the bottom enhance the experience and provide a bright presentation to HTML basic website templates. The number of bullets is equal to the count of sliding images. In the mobile view, it has a finger swipe feature which looks amazing on small screens. Every slide has a little description with a call to action button. You can also set the time of a few seconds for each slide to last.

Features with icon representation

The visual elements create a deeper impact. Little children are made to learn things through visuals because they are prone to remember them for a long time. This is the reason our designers have focused on showing icons along with the text. These HTML basic website templates are made interactive with graphics and information carried through icons.

We have placed temporary icons that you can customize and replace with different icons according to your requirements.

Images with text

Images with text have become so popular. For this, the background should be clear to display visual content. It can make or break your website. To write text over images, you need to have a little knowledge of illustrator.

The infographics are large in demand for business and marketing purposes. We have placed some replaceable sample images. They will give you a brief idea about the color contrast of image and text, position of text over image and transparency.

Hamburger menu

The hamburger menu is placed in the top left or right corner of the HTML basic website templates. The icon has three horizontal lines placed one over the other and does not occupy much space. The hamburger is mostly used for mobile applications, but website applications can also opt for this. On clicking, it opens a navigation drawer to access all pages.

W3layouts has adopted this feature to deviate from the traditional way of showing menus. It is self-explanatory and helps you reach more rapidly to your desired location.

Fit for Resume

Dropping the first impression on your employer is the best foot ahead. To crack the job interviews, having good skills is a mandatory thing, but the written document which showcases your talent should not be ignored. Crafting a compelling resume will prove that you are a crucial resource for employers.

On you will find HTML basic website templates dedicated to designing a comprehensive resume to exhibit your skills and expertise. It has different cards to convey your personal information, work experience and name of the project. You can represent and organize your information in a unique way. It is very easy to customize as you simply have to arrange the data.

Statistics and Counters

When data is represented visually, it gains more clarity and wins the trust of your customers. Our templates display data that gives a fair representation of statistics. The purpose of data representation is to present a whole lot of information in little space. They are the real-world representation of trends. These counters are responsive and the best way to convey information. You can change the color, fonts and data positioning according to your brand in case of some templates.

You can notice the animation effect of data count when you reach the window viewport. The animated data counters are integrated using JavaScript functions along with CSS design.

In the counters card, you can place the icon. The number is represented in black bold color with brief information. Every heading has a different font type and size. This takes the data display experience to an entirely new level.

Floating Action Button (FAB)

It is a fascinating visual feature to have on your websites. This floating button is arranged in the left or right of the template. It is a call to action button for positive interaction with the user. Every website can have a unique floating icon. It can be used for navigational purposes or switching interfaces within the website or outside. Normally, it is placed in a round container; you can also change the icon as per your choice. In most of the templates, it opens and closes with a slight animation effect.


CardsThese cards go well with every template like food website template, photography template, resume or any business template. They have a simple and sleek layout.

The look is enhanced by applying border-shadow, animation and flipping effect on click, hover or page load. These cards are responsive and give an outstanding look on mobile devices.

They are easy to integrate images, videos or any product information. In a row, a minimum of 2-3 cards are arranged. They have different colors and fonts for every heading. An icon is placed on the top of the card. You are free to change the icons and text position.

The collection of several salient features deserves much more attention. It sums up the complete website in one. The features which seek attention here are feedback form, social media sharing buttons, contact details, and copyright notice.

The site navigation menus which are often kept in the header section can also be repeated here. W3layouts HTML basic website templates have enabled this option so that the user does not have to scroll up to the header again for navigation.

It is significant to enhance the user’s experience as well as the website performance.


These little features and widgets make your website impressive and of top-quality standards. W3layouts’ compilation of the simple website template for beginners is purely designed with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. You can use these HTML basic website templates for a blog website, news website, portfolio website or e-commerce website.

With a few modifications, you can achieve your dream website.

The other features of such templates are they can be used for multi-niche websites, single page or multipage websites. The engaging pages and alluring design components are simplified for user customization.

The tons of notable features are the result of hard work by our talented professionals.

These templates are available both in free and premium versions. You can choose the most suitable one for your website. To know about how to download these templates from our website, click here.