6 ways you can ensure your homepage gives a great first impression of your business

When someone lands on your business’s website, they’ll often come across the homepage first. This means that, in order to grab people’s attention, earn their trust, and ultimately make more sales, you need to work hard to ensure that your website’s homepage makes a positive first impression.

Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to achieve this. In this article, we’re going to outline some tips.

Let’s get started!

Make it very easy for people to take the next step 

Once people land on your homepage, you’ll want to direct them towards your products or services as quickly as possible. To do this, you need to make it very easy for people to take the next step from your homepage! Not only will this help make finding your products or services easier for the website visitor, but it will show them that you respect their time and want their experience with you to be convenient. 

There are a lot of different ways you can help customers take the next step from your homepage. For instance, you could:

  • Offer a sophisticated search tool that can take them to the exact products or services they need
  • Highlight your contact options so people can easily get in touch with you
  • Have a clear and easy-to-use navigation menu that will help people find what they need quickly and easily
  • Create clear calls to action that tell website visitors what to do next and where to click to do so

Let’s take a look at a few examples of businesses that make it easy for website visitors to take the next step from their homepage for inspiration.

Firstly, Kenna Real Estate, a real estate agency in Colorado, makes it very easy to take the next step on their homepage. As you can see in the image above, a website visitor can start searching for houses simply by plugging in a location and their desired price. This doesn’t take much time or effort and visitors will have no question about what to do next. This shows that Kenna Real Estate cares about their customers and their time, giving a great first impression.

On your website, consider doing something similar, if possible. What information do you need from your customers to help them out? If you can collect a few details and provide them with exactly what they need, you’re sure to impress them. 

Rainbow Movers, a southern California moving company, does something similar on their homepage, too. With just a few clicks, a website visitor can quickly get a quote. The process is quick and easy, leaving a great first impression and making it easy for the website visitor to take the next step with Rainbow Movers.

On your website, consider offering a similar solution that will allow you to give customers a quote based on just a little bit of information. Doing so will leave a great first impression and remove any roadblocks that might have been preventing people from taking the next steps with you.

Finally, W3Layouts makes it easy for customers to take the next step from their homepage, as well. To start looking at website templates, a user simply needs to type in a word related to the type of design they’re looking for and pick a category. Easy, right? And it requires no signup or commitment to browse. This search feature makes it easy for customers to take the next step, leaving a great first impression.

On your website, consider whether you could create a sophisticated search tool in order to help your customers take the next step with your business. Doing so will make a great first impression and help your website visitors to find what they’re looking for!

Highlight positive reviews you’ve received from past clients

If you’ve received positive reviews or testimonials from past customers, highlight them on your homepage! These will serve as concrete proof that you’re good at what you do. Product-based businesses might want to use star ratings that make it easier to compare similar items, while service-based businesses might want to use longer testimonials that can provide more context about the work they have done.

The best way to get reviews from your past customers is to simply ask. To get product reviews, reach out with a post-purchase email. Ask them to leave a review, and perhaps offer a discount as an incentive. To get service reviews, reach out to your past clients and see if they would be willing to conduct a short interview with you for your website.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of businesses that highlight positive reviews on their homepages for inspiration.

GroomsShop, a retailer of groomsmen gifts, uses star reviews on their homepage. They show off reviews for several of their top-selling products. This allows people to quickly compare their most popular products based on how many people have left reviews and how highly they’ve been rated. As you can see, all of their products that have reviews are highly rated, which will make a great first impression on website visitors!

On your website, show off star ratings for your products. If you do so, you can impress your website visitors and make them want to make a purchase!

On the other hand, GSD Painting Contractors show off their positive reviews a bit differently. Towards the bottom of their homepage, there is a carousel of reviews from different clients who have worked with GSD, largely noting their beautiful work. This makes a great first impression on website visitors. People looking to hire painters and decorators will see that GSD is highly regarded and potentially want to work with them!

For your website, reach out to people you have worked with in the past and see if they would be willing to provide a positive quote for your homepage. Doing so will leave a great first impression on your website visitors and potentially get you more sales.

Use imagery that will help customers connect with your business

Imagery can be very effective for helping customers feel more connected to your business, excited about your products, and tempted to make a purchase. On your homepage, you’ll want to use effective imagery that can show your business in the best light possible. There are a lot of ways you can do this, including:

  • Using product imagery to show how different items work
  • Using images of your staff members to humanize your business and build trust
  • Creating illustrations, diagrams, or infographics that help customers better understand what you do
  • Using images of people who represent your customers to help website visitors imagine themselves using your products or services

When choosing or creating imagery for your website, the best strategy is to take and edit your own photos. This will give you the most control over what your products look like or how your company is represented. If you’re in a pinch, you can use stock images to show who your ideal customers are but, generally speaking, it’s best to use original imagery.

Showcase any awards or qualifications relevant to your work

If you, as a business owner, have received certain qualifications or awards that prove you’re great at what you do, showcase these on your homepage! These awards and qualifications will serve as concrete proof that you’re an expert in your field and showcasing them on your homepage is a great way to earn your customers’ trust and ultimately get you more sales. 

If you would like to find industry awards to apply for, use a tool like Awards Finder. They have application links for thousands of awards that you could show off on your homepage! Just be sure to only highlight the most relevant awards and qualifications you’ve obtained, as this is what people will be looking for.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of businesses that highlight awards on their websites for inspiration.

Purple, an online mattress retailer, shows off their awards on their homepage. They have been awarded #1 in customer satisfaction for two years in a row by JD Power. Think about how important awards like this are for mattress companies — people take their sleep seriously and, before they buy a mattress online, they want to be sure that they’ll get quality sleep. That means that these awards can make a great first impression on website visitors!

Think about what industry awards would be particularly meaningful to people who visit your website. Getting nominated or winning these awards can go a long way towards building trust with your potential customers! 

Billie, an online razor subscription company, does something similar on their homepage. The image above shows that they received Allure’s 2018 “Best of Beauty” award. Allure is a very highly regarded women’s beauty magazine, making this quite an accomplishment! People looking for razor subscriptions online might be overwhelmed by the options they have, but seeing that Billie razors are award-winning makes a great first impression and can encourage them to purchase.

If you have a lot of competition in your niche, awards offer a great way to stand out, especially if they’re from a well-respected entity! Display these by your relevant products to make a great impression and encourage people to buy your items. 

Highlight what makes you better than your competitors

The main reason you want to give off a positive first impression is because you want website visitors to shop with you rather than your competitors. This means that, on your homepage, you need to focus on highlighting what helps you stand out from the crowd

Show off what unique selling propositions you have. What is it that people come to you for over your competitors? You can also do things like show off what kinds of results you’ve gotten for past customers or highlight what unique promotions you’re offering.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of businesses that use this tactic well for inspiration.

Serenity Lodge Recovery, a rehabilitation facility in California, uses data to highlight what makes them the best. For instance, a 2020-2021 Vista Research survey of more than 400 Serenity Lodge patients showed that their patients had an 87% completion rate and a 93% satisfaction rate. This is compared to the nation’s overall 53% completion rate, which shows point-blank that Serenity Lodge Recovery is great at what they do, making a great first impression.

On your website, consider how you can use numbers and facts to prove that you’re the best in the business. People trust statistics and, if you have any numbers that just go to show that you’re the best, they’re sure to make a great first impression and earn you more sales. 

Lush, a handmade cosmetics company, uses their homepage to show what makes them different from the competition. In the carousel above, they highlight how they incorporate values into their products, including by fighting animal testing, creating 100% vegetarian products, and using “naked” packaging whenever possible. This is a great way for Lush to stand out from its other cosmetics competitors and build trust. These values make a great first impression, particularly among people who are looking for more eco-friendly and ethical products.

On your website, highlight your values like Lush has! If you are doing work to make your industry more ethical or eco-friendly, pointing this out on your website can make a great impression and lead to more sales.

Add engaging elements to keep people interested

You don’t want someone to land on your website and leave right away because they’re bored — you can help to avoid this by ensuring that your homepage has some engaging elements that will keep people interested. This could include video content, interactive elements, or exciting copy! If you need help with your website copy, check out the copywriting services at Loganix. We can help you create engaging content and boost your rankings in the search results. 

To keep people engaged, be sure that your most exciting and engaging elements are readily visible on your homepage. If this is one of the first things website visitors see, they’ll be more likely to interact with your site and get a positive first impression of your business.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of websites with engaging homepages for inspiration.

San Antonio Injury Lawyers, The Law Offices of George Salinas, has engaging content in the form of a video at the top of their homepage. The video shows people’s experiences with the firm and shows how the company has been able to get justice for a lot of past clients. Testimonials in general are great for earning the trust of prospective clients, but providing them in a video format is also great for making the website a lot more engaging. 

On your website, use video content to engage your website visitors! Doing so will help keep them on your website for longer, building trust and encouraging them to spend money with you.

Finally, Airbnb, a vacation rental service, provides unique and engaging content on their homepage, as well. As you can see in the image above, the beautiful imagery evokes a sense of exploration and, if a website visitor isn’t sure where they want to vacation, they can simply click “I’m flexible” to get recommendations for their next adventure. Even if a website visitor knows where they want to go when they get to Airbnb’s website, they might get more ideas or simply be inclined to book now after seeing the site’s inspiring imagery.

On your website, use engaging content to help get your website visitors excited about using your services. There are a lot of different ways you can do this — consider mimicking Airbnb’s strategy of using beautiful imagery and interactive content to draw people in.


You only get one chance to make a first impression — when you run a business, this could make or break a sale. In this article, we outlined several different ways you can ensure that your homepage gives a great first impression, including by offering engaging elements, showcasing great imagery, putting your reviews and testimonials front and center, and more.

Need more help improving your website? Check out the W3Layouts blog. They have articles on improving mobile apps, boosting your SEO, and so much more. 

Author bio & headshot:

Aaron Haynes is the CEO of Loganix, an SEO fulfillment partner that supports marketing agencies and professionals. The company specializes in helping businesses to improve their online visibility and ultimately make more sales. The Loganix blog has a lot more information and advice, so make sure you check it out if you found this article helpful. 


Best Free Email Newsletter Templates

Once you create your website using an HTML template and add relevant content to it, you may presume that your job is done. Traffic will be generated organically and within the next new moon, your online business will flourish like flowers blooming in spring.   

No folks! Online business is not for slackers. You got to stuff it with a lot of hard work.  

After you create your website, the next step you should do is speak about it to the world. And, most of you will do it is by posting your website link on social media. But, do you know that the total number of email accounts in the world is 2 times more than Facebook and Twitter accounts combined?  

Yes, And that’s why Email Marketing is the right way to target more users.  

An Email not only gives out the impression that you care about your customer but when you address them by their names, it instantly builds a personal connection.  

You can use these exciting fully responsive email newsletter templates to create an impression with your brand.

But Email Marketing is not about collecting a list of email addresses and sending them a chain of requests to sign up for your product. Users are smart enough to get an idea about your fakeness. Be genuine. Do it without sounding too cheesy. 

Download a free responsive HTML Email Template   

No need to worry! A responsive HTML Email Template will solve all your problems. It is not a compulsion to use a template, but it surely helps you to clear a lot of clouds. It gives you a readymade design with optimum graphic elements. The fonts, hues, and layouts are so optimally designed that most of the time they work exactly in the same form as you download them. But still, if you desire minor adjustments, you can customize them based on your needs.  

15 Best Responsive HTML Email Templates for FREE Download has more than 40 free HTML email templates for download. And, based on our survey we have assembled 15 best responsive email templates. These templates will add a lot of value to your email marketing campaigns. Since the list is generated referring to exhaustive user data, you can be assured that they will be liked by most of the users.  

If you wish to tailor the font or placement of text to adjust the readability of your reader, you need not attend a class on web design. Just use our website builder, drag and drop the contents as freely as a flying bee.  

Go through the rundown and make the best choice!

1. Active Email Template for Corporate Business 

Let us begin with this trendy and sleek corporate template for all your beautiful email newsletters. A multipurpose template with a well-organized synergy of images and text. 

In the world of web design, big images are trending. They seem to jump out of screen giving a great browsing experience to the user. The stylish hero header in this template gets the right attention to your title it deserves. The minimalistic icons used in the template are appealing to the eyes and blend in with the overall theme.  

Download this customizable free HTML email template and give flags to your online business dreams. 

2. Trendy Way Email Template for Fashion

Do you have an upcoming apparel sale on your online fashion store? Quickly build an email newsletter using Trendy Way Template and start providing email services.   

Funky, cool and yet graceful. Nothing but a perfect hue of electric indigo and blue magenta gives it all the energy it needs to attract the attention of your customers.  

This fully responsive email template fits in for any kind of Fashion related businesses like Online Store, Modelling Agency, Creative Blog, Magazine, Retail, Photographer, Artist, Fashion Blogger, Designer, and Freelancer.  

Awesomely designed using HTML5 and CSS3, this free template is as good as buying a licensed version. Download it now and make full use of it for creating a proficient impression in front of your clients and customers. 

3. Fashionable Email Template for Fashion 

Medium-dark cyan textureless header, skilfully dividing itself from the rest of the page. And, your brand title floating on it.  

Fashionable is that gorgeous email template which will effectively bring forward a fancy personality of your brand. Mainly designed for the professionals in the fashion industry by our creators, its application is not limited.  

Entirely built with bootstrap framework, HTML5, and CSS3, the fluid-like responsiveness of the template accommodates it into any screen size. You can even use pink shade buttons for actions like ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Latest Designs’.  

Just click the download button and try it out. We are pretty sure that you will not be disappointed. 

4. Touring Email Template for Travel 

Either you are an avid traveler who loves exploring the world, or a passionate blogger who wants to share adventurous travel chronicles with your readers. You must stay on your toes with regular email services and newsletters for your audiences.  

But, as you are busy traveling or proof checking your next blog on Grammarly, you don’t have enough time to design a decently looking email newsletter.  

Don’t worry! The Touring email template will come to your rescue. The template has amazing features embraced in a combination of relaxing colors. Travel guides, travel planners, online travel booking websites, travel agencies, or anything related to the travel business. This template will save tons of time for you. 

5. Connubial Email Template for Wedding 

If you are a wedding planner, matchmaker, or even selling wedding apparel online, you are already a part of an event where a divine bond is shared by two souls. Connubial email template comes with a great amount of regalness and exotic aura. The use of a highly stylized font gives the layout its splendid look.  

Send a stylish newsletter listing your offerings to your users. Don’t even bother to squander around playing with the design. This class template with rich highlights in soothing cyan is in ready to use form. Just drag and drop a few features to give a different look. 

6. Dairy Email Template for Agriculture

Dairy is a readily available responsive HTML email template for your agriculture-related businesses like farming, poultry, fertilizers and pesticides, online vegetable selling, online fruits selling, dairy farming, spices production, organic farming, wool production, and many others. 

Rounded pictures crop away the unnecessary background and help users to focus on the subject. This makes them ideal for displaying fresh fruits and vegetables from your farm, along with text descriptions beside them.  

Like a perfect harvest, everything is accurate in this template. Don’t think twice. Just download this free fluid responsive HTML template and flourish in your email services and marketing strategy. 

7. Cool Berg Email Template for Restaurant

Every food business demands a website as delectable as its food. And, when there is a website, there must be email newsletters. Cool Berg is a flat style newsletter template with white background and calligraphic style typography. Color combinations of the template compliments scrumptious pictures of pizzas, ice-creams, kababs, tacos, noodles, and anything you offer.  

This responsive HTML email template is recommended for any type of food businesses like fast-food restaurants, fine dining restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs, breweries, bakeries, food trucks, juice centers or bars, ice-cream parlors, Indian Dhaba’s, and takeaways.  

Launch your next ambitious email services campaign with Cool Berg and have exponential growth in your food business. 

8. Expert Email Template for Real estate 

Hot property on sale? A beachside house, a ranch, or a reasonably priced apartment. Let your customers know about their dream house by mailing a beautiful email newsletter. Expert is a time-saving template for all real estate related businesses but not limited to them. With minor drag and drop customization, this template can also be used for resorts, travel agencies, travel planner, hotel and restaurant businesses as well.    

Your users miss out on a call to action buttons? The dark pink call to action buttons with high visibility makes sure that any user doesn’t miss them.  

Grids against fresh sky blue stretched across the width to add energetic pictures of your team members and details about recent locations you sold or visited. 

9. Horticulture Email Template for Agriculture 

Bring the open farms, high tech equipment and a sea of agricultural knowledge right in the inbox of your customers using this Horticulture template. Any type of agricultural business you are into, selling crops, farming equipment, fertilizers, organic greenhouse farms, sunflower farming, prepare a beautiful email newsletter as vibrant and luminous as your farms.  

For a vegetable seller, garden-fresh pictures of handpicked veggies can be dragged and dropped onto the grids. The flat responsive UI will make them adjust across all devices.  

In a well-structured footer, you can link your social media pages to the buttons provided and ensure that every bit of your business is promoted ideally. 

10. Fashion Email Template for Ecommerce 

Rock your shopaholics by shooting a nifty newsletter to their inbox, made with a Fashion template. Designed using HTML codes and CSS3 technology, the site canvas adjusts itself for every screen size. The template is perfectly suitable for a newsletter of a fashion online store, fashion blog, fashion designer, merchandise, maternity wear, ethnic wear, and so on. 

The template is crisply designed with a lot of styles into it. Right from the typographical choices to the stunning color palette, the template is filled with vigor. There is big enough space for you to add a title image with a catchy tag line of your business floating on it. 

11. Bsifting Email Template for Corporate Business 

While running a corporate business you must understand that, the more innovatively you express yourself to customers, the better it is for your growth. Bsifting is meant to be your go-to free email template if you want to start an email campaign at the early stages of your corporate business.  

The text comfortably sleeps against a background woven with pale colors. Grids with horizontally arranged text boxes where you can freely write about your services.  

Link the landing pages of social media profiles of your team members and show your transparency to your clients. If you are in show business for some time, display your clients in the portfolio section make a long-lasting impact on your prospective clients. 

12. Bio Email Template for Agriculture 

Inclined towards a sepia like visual tone, Bio brings an impeccable spirit to your email newsletter. The number of impressions from your readers is bound to go up after going through the beautiful email. A square-shaped masthead, the right balance of vibrant and light colors, provision to add transparent images, and testimonial grid. All these features will be beautifully displayed irrespective of device or browser.  

Primarily designed for agriculture-related businesses, the template facilitates drag and drop customization and use it accordingly. And, making changes is very easy. Just play with the font styles and images to create a brand new newsletter and spread it across your prospective clients or customers. 

13. Effort Email Template for Corporate Business 

The idea of this template is spot on! The big masthead employs an icon having open palms and a growth graph taking birth out of it. There it is! What better emphasis can be on growth that you show it to your customer right at the doorstep of your newsletter.  

Taking full advantage of the commonly used corporate font, Myriad pro, Effort gives away an attitude of fearlessness and confidence. Turquoise colored buttons of rectangular-shaped occupy substantial space on your smartphones which makes it easy to touch.  

Download this HTML email template, plan an email campaign and watch your customers grow exponentially! 

14. Mild skate Email Template for Sports 

A ready to download template for your online sports apparel store. Mildskate is dapper and cooler, with a touch of ruggedness. Perfect for those clients or customers who are passionate bikers, mountaineers, wildlife adventurers, and sports enthusiasts. But, with a speck of creativity and playing around with some elements, this template can be used for any field of business. 

Trendy grids to compare the pricings, vibrant buttons to take immediate actions and to add more thrill, a separate section to publish recent headlines from the world of sports. If you are a serious writer, you can customize this section for blogs as well. 

15. Modus Email Template for Fashion

Not every fashion template needs to have a bright palette of colors. If you are a person of elegance and you don’t have much inclination towards flashy shades, then Modus is for you. Pale colors are not out of vogue and never will be.  

Pictures do the talking in fashion-related businesses. Hence, our designers have adopted a full-width layout for this template. Drag and drop your designs and spread across the canvas making your users comfortable to spot their right choice.   

Edgy circular widgets to pop out special discount and exclusive collections, counters to virtually show the growth of your business and buttons to link your social media profiles, there is no missing element in the template. 

Well, that was exhaustive, isn’t it? But that is not all we have. Our list of templates goes on and on. But this will not limit you to find the right one for your business. Just make use of the search bar at the top right corner of the screen and find the right templates for you.   

You can search based on the template name, category, or even just some adjectives. Our search tool efficiently provides with required template based on your need.

Download our templates and have fun! 


5 ways to build high-quality backlinks to your website

Simply put, backlinks are hyperlinks from other websites that lead back to your own. As a business owner, you should aim to build high-quality backlinks if you want to boost your SEO because they signal to search engines that other webmasters consider your website to provide valuable and trustworthy content, or valuable products or services. 

So, in this article, we are going to look at five different techniques you can use to build high-quality backlinks to your website. Read on to find out more.

One of the most effective ways you can get organic links for your site is by publishing high-quality content that people will want to share and link to. 
Whether you write the content yourself or hire a professional SEO content writer to do it for you, the important thing is to make sure your content is helpful and provides value so people will be encouraged to link to it on their websites. There are different types of content that tend to receive the most backlinks from people, and we’re going to talk through a few of them to give you some ideas.

Original research 

Publishing content around original research that your business has conducted is a great way to get quality backlinks. When you conduct original research and write about it, you’ll be providing fresh new data that people could use to strengthen and back up the content on their own sites. And, when they cite your findings, they’ll typically reward you with a backlink. 

Performing original research isn’t easy and it can take a lot of time, which is why most businesses prefer to link to someone else’s research instead of doing their own. But this means, if you have the time and resources, you also have the power to create some very unique content that’s bound to attract some great organic links.

Ultimate guides

Ultimate guides are in-depth pieces of content that you can create to educate your audience about different topics. They’re usually long-form and used to cover a broad topic in detail. They’re perfect for attracting backlinks, as many people will want to link to an ultimate guide when trying to direct their audience to comprehensive resources that can give more information.

Let’s take a look at the ultimate guides that have been created by some businesses so you can get an idea of what they’re like. 

Cisco Umbrella is a secure internet gateway platform that helps to protect businesses against internet-based threats. On their website, they have a great example of an ultimate guide, which is their piece on DNS-Layer Security

This guide is an in-depth article that sheds more light on the basics of domain name service (DNS), the reasons why companies need to use DNS-layer security, and some of the benefits of doing so. It’s very comprehensive and it contains a lot of information that will be useful to their audience, as well as the audiences of other sites who might want to link to this resource because of the value it provides.

Let’s also check out another example from AdWords Nerds, an online marketing company for real estate investors. Take a look at their ultimate guide that teaches real estate investors how to get started with PPC marketing or online advertisements. 

It’s a long-form piece that takes a deep dive into pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, the pros and cons, and why it can be beneficial for real estate investors. It also gives information on how to choose a platform for PPC marketing, step-by-step instructions for running your first advertisement, and so many other details that can guide their readers through the entire process. As you can see, this is a very link-worthy piece that is sure to get many mentions from sites in the same niche or in complementary industries.


Infographics allow you to display information or data using charts, diagrams, or other visual elements. They can help you get more backlinks, as other sites may want to link to your infographic if it displays valuable information that will benefit their readers. 
Also, infographics are highly engaging and visually appealing, which is another reason why, if you can create an attractive infographic with useful and interesting information, it could help you in generating quality backlinks for your site. To create an infographic, you could either hire a designer to make it, or you can use design tools like Visme and Canva that have pre-designed infographic templates.

Buying guides or comparison pieces

Buying guides are pieces of content that provide information about the factors people should consider before they make a purchase. On the other hand, comparison pieces allow you to directly compare and contrast similar products or services. 

Both of these content types are designed to help people make the best buying decision. Other sites may also wish to link to a buying guide or comparison piece if they’re looking to recommend a particular solution to a problem but don’t necessarily want to endorse a specific item or brand. Here’s an example of a great comparison piece that has already been created by a business.

Online For Love is a website that publishes information to help people navigate the world of online dating. And one of their blog posts is a comparison piece that talks about the best dating sites for couples people can use in 2021. This post is specifically targeted towards couples who want to bring an additional person into their relationship and it provides very useful information about the dating sites they can use for that.

Some of the sites they mention are Badoo, Zoosk, and OkCupid. One thing you can learn from this example is that, when creating a comparison piece, you need to provide all of the interesting details about each option. This is a very helpful piece of content and there’s no doubt that it will attract backlinks from online dating sites, lifestyle magazines, news websites, or other dating resources.

Let’s also take a look at a very detailed comparison piece that’s been created by EmailAnalytics, a software provider that helps managers to visualize and monitor their team’s email productivity. This piece provides an in-depth look into 20 of the best remote employee monitoring tools that employers can use to track the productivity of their staff. 

You’ll find that they’ve divided the guide into three sections — time tracking, activity tracking, and project management — and they’ve analyzed the pros and cons of different tools in each category so readers can get enough information to help them make the best decision about which tool to use for each activity. 

It’s a very comprehensive and actionable guide, and you can see that it would be useful in helping the company get backlinks from marketing blogs or business sites.

Expert round-ups 

An expert roundup is a piece of content that features contributions or opinions from experts in your industry. These can provide a lot of value for your readers, and also garner a lot of shares, which should lead to backlinks. 

Expert round-ups offer a great way for you to build more backlinks, as they tend to have a lot of authority and contain a lot of information others will want to pass on. Plus, you might even secure links from some of the experts that you choose to feature.

How-to guides

Finally, how-to guides are great for teaching your audience how to perform a particular task, and they’re also great magnets for organic backlinks because they contain in-depth and actionable information that other relevant sites in your niche might want their audience to have. Now, let’s take a look at an example of a high-quality how-to guide that’s likely to earn a lot of links.

Here is an example of a how-to guide from Bookyourdata, a lead generation tool that makes it easy for businesses to build email lists. Their guide talks through how businesses can identify their target markets, and it gives step-by-step instructions on how to do this. And, since the piece contains really valuable information with detailed and actionable steps, it’s very likely that other people will want to share it with their audiences. 

On your website, you can also publish actionable how-to guides that can assist your audience in performing specific tasks. If you’re able to provide a lot of value in the guides, then it will increase your chances of getting backlinks from relevant sites.

Write guest posts for sites related to your work 

If you’re able to write guest posts for other websites in your niche, you’ll not only get a high-quality link back to your website, but it will also help improve your SEO. Search engines like Google only like to direct internet users to quality websites that have valuable and accurate information, and guest posts can help to show you’re a reliable source of information.

One simple way to seek out guest posting opportunities is by searching for them on Google. Let’s say you are in the real estate niche, for example. What you’ll need to do is perform a search through Google using a query like this: write for us + real estate. This should provide you with a list of blogs and websites that currently accept submissions for guest posts. Here’s an example of what your results should look like:

Now that you have a list of sites, carefully comb through them to determine which ones are of high quality before you start to send pitches to their editors. This is important as you don’t want to do all this work and end up pitching to spammy and low-quality sites that won’t provide you with SEO-friendly links. 

You can typically get backlinks from this technique by including links to blog posts or other pages of your website in the body of the article you write. Most sites allow guest authors to include a byline at the end of their post, too, so you can also place a link in your byline to lead back to your website. 

Simply look for online mentions of your business and ask for a link

There are many ways to build backlinks, but perhaps one of the easiest and most effective ones involves searching Google for instances where you’ve already been mentioned online. And, if you find any sites that have written about you, you can simply reach out to them and ask for a link back to your site. 

This tends to go well because it doesn’t require a lot of work from the publisher, who may just need to add a hyperlink to the existing post where they mention you. You should also note that you won’t necessarily want to reach out to every site that has mentioned you to ask for a link — you’ll only want to build links on quality sites that will help to boost your SEO. 

One way to assess the quality of a site before reaching out is by checking the domain authority (DA). This is an SEO metric that lets you know how likely a website is to rank well and you can also use it to filter out the low-quality sites that won’t provide you with a strong link. A good rule of thumb is to go for websites that have a DA score of 40 and above.

After you’ve selected the sites you want to reach out to, you can start contacting them. But you’ll need to do this carefully and politely. Try to make sure you get the email addresses of the editors or webmasters in charge of the blogs you’re targeting and then send them a polite email. 

You could start your emails with a compliment about the article and the company itself, and then just ask if they would mind including a link to your site where they have mentioned you. Most of the time, the publisher won’t have a problem with this, but you still need to make sure you come off as polite and not rude or demanding.

Analyze your competitors’ backlink profiles to get inspiration 

Another technique you can use in building more backlinks for your site is to analyze your competitors’ backlink profiles. To get the best results from this, you’ll want to analyze the backlink profiles of the sites that are currently ranking for your target keywords.

One of the SEO tools that can help you with this is a backlink checker. We recommend using  Ahrefs backlink checker or SEMrush’s backlink analytics tool and then inputting the URLs of competitor websites whose backlinks you want to view.

After entering the link to your competitor’s site, you should get a list of domains that are linking to it so you can view where their backlinks are coming from. To give you an idea of what this should look like, here are the results you get when you put the Loganix website into the Ahrefs backlink checker. 

Once you have access to your competitors’ backlink profiles, you can look through the websites their links come from and audit them to find the ones that are authoritative and of high quality, so you can get backlinks from them as well.

If you look at the results we’ve gotten for this search, you’ll see that the tool also gives information about relevant SEO metrics like the domain rating and traffic of the sites your competitors are getting links from. So, you can consider these metrics when auditing your target sites as they’ll help you determine which sites will be helpful to your SEO efforts.

Offer free but helpful tools others will want to share

By offering free tools or services, your business can offer a lot of value to prospective customers. Free tools also give you a chance to show off what you can do and will help to build trust and loyalty among potential customers who will eventually spend money with you.

But that’s not all they’re good for. Free tools and resources are also great for building backlinks because they’re genuinely helpful and people will want to share them. However, you’ll need to make sure that your ideal customers will actually want to use the free tools you create for the best results. 

One way to do this is by looking through the queries that people send to your customer service team. Doing this will give you more of an insight into the pain points of your audience, and this can help inform your idea for a free tool that will address their needs. 

Also, you could join social media forums like Quora or Reddit and try to look for discussions relevant to your niche or industry. When you find these conversations, you’ll be able to identify the kinds of problems that your prospective customers are dealing with, and this kind of information could help you design a free tool that will solve their issues. 

To give you some inspiration, let’s take a look at an example.

Over at Loganix, we provide different digital marketing services like SEO, link building, and copywriting. And, one of the free tools that we offer is our domain authority checker tool.

This is a valuable resource that was created to help our audience check a site’s domain authority — this is an SEO metric that shows how likely a site is to rank on search engines. It’s a very useful tool and it’s one that’s relevant to our audience of marketers and business owners who want to analyze their own websites, competitors’ sites, or the target websites they’re considering building links on. 

Not only does it calculate domain authority, but it also gives details about other website metrics, like domain rating, trust flow, and citation flow. It’s super useful and the fact that it’s free means other sites will want to share it with their audiences who can benefit from it, which results in more backlinks for us. 

You can also achieve similar results by following our advice to figure out what problems your customers are facing and then adding a free tool to your site that will address the issue. 

Also, take a look at the collection of free themes that W3 Layouts offer. The themes are very useful for businesses in different fields and they could help people design pretty impressive sites, even without being technically savvy. It’s a great way to provide a lot of value to their audience and it could also help the company to get quality backlinks from other websites in the web design and development niche.

Depending on the kind of business you run, you can also create free tools like checklists, templates, or any valuable resource you think will be useful to your audience as it can help you get high-quality backlinks for your website. 


In this article, we’ve looked at several tactics that can help you build high-quality backlinks to your website. From publishing link-worthy content to writing guest posts or analyzing your competitors’ backlinks, these are all very practical and effective tips that will give you great results.  

If you’d like to keep learning how to improve your website and grow your business overall, follow the W3 Layouts blog for more updates. You’ll be glad you did!

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