About us

W3layouts is an online store to download website templates and WordPress Themes for all types of businesses.
If don’t have a website for your business, there are probably two reasons. Either you are short of time, or short of budget.
Well, we understand both your problems. Building a website takes a lot of time, effort and money. So, we have a simple solution.

‘Website Templates’ and ‘WordPress Themes’

We make your website building process easy.
Select your favorite template, edit it according to your needs and launch your website.
It is that simple.

When did W3Layouts start?

W3layouts was started in April 2012.

Who is the founder of W3Layouts?


Founder and CEO @W3layouts

I’m Hidayath, founder and CEO of W3Layouts and I am delighted to have you with our community of aspiring and experienced web developers, designers, and enthusiasts.

W3Layouts was started in 2012 to help businesses with their website designs. Since then, our templates have been helping more than a million designers to create stunning websites.

So, whenever you need to build a website, just delve into our plethora of collections. Our newsletters will keep you updated with the latest website template releases.

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Why did we start building website templates?

The idea of building a website template emerged through our own experiences as web designers.
Every client had its own demands and each project we worked on, went through innumerable number of iterations. It was exhausting and frustrating.

Also, it was time-consuming for the clients as well.

This led to the idea of something which our clients can download and customize without any knowledge of coding.
Well, that’s how the idea of building a website template emerged.
So far, we have more than half a million designers taking benefits of our templates and we aim to grow this number.

What is the purpose of W3Layouts?

Our core purpose is to change the way websites are built. We want the business owners to design their own websites quickly and at an affordable cost. To help all types of businesses we currently have more than 3700 website templates in 48 categories. And, the numbers are growing every day.
The categories are created strategically so that they can fit most of the requirements. And, you can tweak any template using our website editor.

How to reach out to us?

You can reach out to us through our contact page.
Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Dribbble. We regularly post about our latest releases on social media to our loyal customers.
And, keep exploring w3layouts.com for amazing website templates.