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16 Free Admin Website Templates

Like an eagle flies over an open field and keeps its eye on every movement, you need to keep a check on your website and app performance. The place from where you can check everything about your site is the admin dashboard or admin panel. An admin dashboard is the chamber of secrets holding all the magical figures and charts.

As an admin panel displays crucial data, it is a primary criterion for it to be responsive and user-friendly. Finding data points should not take a greater number of clicks. The user interface should be interactive and must look professional.

With all these salient features and more, building an admin dashboard looks like a tiring job. Isn’t it?

Not at all!

We have predesigned admin dashboard templates for you. You can download and customize them based on your website design. They can go with any website template downloaded from any site. Each admin template panel comes with a set of graphs, countdown timers, calendars, maps, pie charts, and other animated icons.

What is the admin page on a website?

Scrawling the website has become easier with the introduction of admin panels. Every application whether web or mobile-based has an admin page.

W3layouts has a large collection of bootstrap admin templates which is coded with HTML, CSS and JQuery libraries. If you are building a new application or renovating the already built, revising the old admin page is a significant factor. It is the administrative center of any website which has complete access to every section in the website. The admin panel is a back-end area used to create new categories, custom posts, pages, and links. You can access and manage data, track records, visitors, and gather feedback from this admin interface. Managing all these activities results in improving the performance of the website.

Our admin dashboard templates contain graphics, buttons, charts, tables, and alerts. The templates also have animation effects, mobile responsiveness, social media icons, and other design guidelines.

From the admin dashboard, one can add, modify or delete any feature or manage settings on the website. A simple and a well-designed bootstrap admin template makes your website management an easy job.

Features of admin page template from w3layouts

W3layouts have many free bootstrap admin templates that are easy to download and customize. With bootstrap templates, UI components can be enhanced using the plugin. These templates already have blocks of code because of which you do not need to code from scratch.

Let us see some of the best features of our templates,

1. Security

The W3layouts bootstrap admin templates coordinate with the latest version of technologies. Manually updating the admin page can break the whole website and adversely affect its functionalities. Our templates are less exposed to attacks from hackers. Our templates make your website firm and resolve the bugs and security patches. Your business reputation depends on security factors.

If a website is hacked, the customer loses their faith in your business, which can lead to an end of the enterprise.

2. Comprehensive Dashboard

The dashboard should update your real-time information of your apps running. This information includes new logins, information & statistics representation through charts. The dashboard is used to create and manage content, change the styling and add new features.

Our bootstrap templates are designed with the purpose of data presentation. They have widgets to add videos, images, and texts.

The other features the dashboard possesses are content management, report management, customers and order management.

3. Technical Support

You may encounter several issues while implementing your features and code in the template. Our support team is available to provide you with technical support and guidance to fix these issues. We always recommend verifying the support policies before you purchase any bootstrap admin template from any website.

Other supports we provide are online chat and calling support, email support, payment related issues help and other designing related concerns. We have live support software and tools to immediately report any issue and seek help from our technical support team.

4. Documentation

The template documentation has a collection of documents for their audience to edit and modify the functionalities in the bootstrap admin template. The documentation gives clear guidelines about building or redesigning the site. We include writing style guide, managing content, including multimedia and images.

Admin pages have unique guidelines and different styles. We empower our clients to design their own pages and replace the static text.

5. Customization

Customization means enhancing the features according to the need of your business. You can add new components and attributes which are not given in the original bootstrap admin template. This completely depends on the type of website you are building. Some websites may require minor changes while others may need huge customizations. Understand the requirements such as to what extent your template needs customization.

6. Tracking Downloads and Reviews

The number of downloads and genuine reviews are some of the important measures of the performance of your website. Our templates for the admin dashboard show the number of downloads, visitors and reviews through graphs and charts. The good ratings also reflect that people are inclined towards your product. The data on dashboards indicates the audience response to your site.

The progress of each new feature is auto-updated in the dashboard panel. Tracking your download record is the best strategy for your business.

7. Cross-Browser Support

Our templates works efficiently with all browser versions. They are supported by Opera, Safari, Chrome, and Mozilla.

Our developer designs these templates with HTML, CSS, and Jquery. They are aware of the default CSS rules and their compliance with all versions of browsers. The templates are clean and light-weight, which have better page load performance.

Before deployment, they go through a testing phase on every device and browser. The bugs are fixed to set a perfect layout.

8. Pocket-friendly

Cost-effectiveness is a primary aspect of any website. Our templates have strong and advanced features that are extremely cost-effective and fit in your budget. We have both free and paid bootstrap admin templates; both come with their own specifications.

Set your product budget and purchase the template which is according to your overall project cost.

9. Responsiveness

W3layouts thoroughly understands the requirements of clients. Business owners are always scared of losing their visitors. Everyone desires a mobile version of the website which fits in all screen resolutions.

Our bootstrap admin templates have responsive images, flexible layouts and CSS media queries which allow them to adjust in any screen irrespective of their size.

Some tips to build an awesome admin page

A powerful admin dashboard efficiently manages its users and applications. Admin Panel which has rich-features easily follow their real-time business data. Tracking down these reports helps the admin to record the user’s activities and make decisions for upcoming activities to constantly update their app data.

A better performing admin panel is suitable to satisfy the business needs and develop a user-friendly functioning application.

Here are some tips to create the admin page,

Go for an admin page template instead of building it from scratch.

We recommend avoiding wastage of time in designing the user interface for the admin page. There are several bootstrap admin templates for admin panels. Download the best admin templates for your website.

Be clear about your requirements before making the selection. This will enable you to choose a suitable theme.

Carefully check out the UI design and elements

The graphical layout consists of elements such as images, forms, buttons, and texts. The design will reveal the outlook of your application. Before choosing the template, always check the demos and understand the look and feel of the design template. The popular UI designs we have are gradient design, material design, flat design, shadow design, and colorful design.

The UI elements are the building blocks of your admin page and the entire application. Components such as dropdown, navigation bar, and buttons give the best structure to your admin dashboard.

While choosing the template, make sure that it contains all the above features. You can also customize these components according to your flexibility.

Make sure that the page has a fast loading speed

The smooth coding represents how fast the page can load. There are various tools to determine the loading speed of your page. For fast loading, choose the best hosting, minify files, run an audit, mobile indexing are the significant factors. Fast loading websites enhance the search experience and encourage users to visit your website.

The loading speed and quality feature both go hand in hand.

Integrate your admin page with multilingual support

If your website operates at a global level, multilingual support allows it to reach it to your targeted audience. RTL admin templates will best support your website and will be acknowledged by maximum users world-wide.

Businesses should always look for multilingual templates if their target audience is spread across the globe.

Make your admin page compatible with all browsers and device

Cross-browser compatibility for every device can be measured with various free tools available. The highly responsive templates are desired by every business and user.

Assign clear roles to every user

The admin has the right to create and assign new roles and users. The authorization system should be implemented to successfully manage all the existing and new roles.

Design a scalable framework

Choose a strong framework that takes care of your CRUD operations like Create, Read, Delete and Update. Avoid wasting time in maintaining these features and focus on its scalability and performance.


Creating a convenient admin page with better functionality is one simple solution to improve the relationship between customer and business providers. Apart from increasing business productivity, this will also improve your decision-making process.

We have several tools and techniques to design the bootstrap admin template, which understands your business requirements and meets all the features of the page which the business owner needs.