Building a website from scratch is one of the best things you can do if you are looking to enter the web space. While developing a website is fairly simple, designing it takes a lot of time. Especially if you are not from a design background or don’t have a knack for design, you would find it quite difficult to nail the design.

User Interface and experience are two of the most important aspects of a website these days. To help ease this process, we started building website templates 5 years back. Today, we have a collection of over 3700 website templates spanning across 35+ categories.

The variety of our templates and the uniqueness in the design ensures that you will definitely find one theme that suits your website requirements. Not only do our templates look stunning, but also come with hoards of features.

With a user base of millions of developers, our community is growing at a rapid pace. However, if you are trying to download our template for the first time, this walkthrough will come in handy.

Step 1

Log on to w3layouts.com and you will be greeted by our beautiful home page. Now you have 2 options – you can either browse through our template categories or search the kind of templates you are looking for. Take a look at the picture below for more clarification.

W3Layouts Home Page

Step 2

As you can see, we are searching for the template category “personal”. After you type in your preferred category name in the search box and hit enter, you will land on the category page.Personal Template Category Page

Step 3

Now browse through the category page and take a look at each template. Don’t forget to skip to the next page after you are done checking out the first page. When you like a template, click on it to open the template page. On the template page, you will see a detailed template description, its features, and options of “Edit”, “Demo” and “Download”.

Step 4

Now, you can click on the “Demo” option to see how the template will look on a live website. At this point, if you feel that you like the template but it lacks something and how lovely it would have been if you could edit it – we have got you covered. See the “Edit” option right next to “Demo”? Yes, click on that. The website builder page will open and if you want a detailed guide on how to edit a website templates, check it out.

Edit a template

Step 5

Now you are ready to download the template of your choice. Click on the download option.

Download option

Step 6

When you click on the download button, the download options page will greet you. Here, you should compare the plans and choose which one you want to go for. If you select the free option, you will have to agree to the licensing and you’ll have to keep a backlink to our site.

Download options

Step 7

Regardless of whichever option you choose, when you click on any one of the options – you will be asked to log in (if you are not already logged in). Fill in your details, Login and proceed.

Login Page

Step 8

If you choose to pay and download, you’ll land on the payments page and the procedure to check out is fairly easy. However, if you go for the free download option, you will see a pop-up saying “I accept Download”. We, at W3Layouts, work day and night to produce the best quality content consistently. To maintain a project like this, a lot of resources are required and we would be extremely glad if you chose to pay and download. It will only ensure that we work harder to produce stunning templates like this.

Step 9

After you click on “I Accept Download”, you will be redirected to the “download will start” page. We would really appreciate it if you help us spread the word and share us on your social media profile(s). Please do share our work to help us maintain this free service.

Step 10

After you have shared our template to any one of your social media profiles, your download will start and you will be asked to select a destination folder. Select a destination folder and a zip file will be downloaded.

Congratulations! Now that you have the files, check out our guide on how to make a website live with cPanel using W3Layouts website templates.