Blog Website Template

With prolific bloggers raking in six-digit figures every month, aspiring bloggers across the world are hustling around to make their dreams come true. Writers today are bestowed with the power to influence the world driven by content. Every global brand is looking for writers to give them a voice. In the age ruled by the content king, writers are the dukes.

Around 80% of Americans want to be writers. But there is a yawning gap between wanting to be a writer and being one. Not many can achieve the feat of becoming a good writer. One of the best ways to know if you can be a writer is…… Blogging. It takes persistence to keep running a blog and earn a loyal fan base. You can do this when writing is your only focus.

Blogging today is a style statement. It adds immense value to your personality. There are so many free blogging platforms that fresh bloggers can exploit to begin their website for blogs.

Starting a blog is easy. First, you need to choose your niche. Then, you need to build your website. But, to design a website, there’s no need to talk to a designer. We have a collection of professional-looking designs for your blog website. These templates are fully responsive and come with customizable options. You can build your website without any knowledge of coding.

We have free blogger templates in various categories or niches.


If you have an undying passion for doing experiments in your kitchen and trying out that least ordered dish in a menu, you are born to be a food blogger. Check out our food blogging website templates here.

Fashion and Apparels

Are you a crazy shopaholic who has you subscribed to every fashion website? Then, without wasting any time, jot down the sensations you have when you wear your favorite attires. Download any of these fashion blogging templates and start your own blog.


All art fanatics out there can channelize your zeal and build a personal brand through your blog. Write down your perspective about art pieces and showcase your work. We have some amazing templates for you here.


Lifestyle is one of the most profitable niches in the blogging industry. Many bloggers write about lavish lifestyles, expensive watches, stylish suits, and dazzling casinos. But, if you have lived a modest life trying to spend money cautiously, write about it. Many working bachelors need guidance. Check out these fantastic lifestyle blog templates here.

Movies Reviews and Celebrity Gossip

Insane movie buffs who somehow sneak off with crucial information about upcoming movies and celebrity gossip can compete with the best movie bloggers of the country. Focus on keywords and other SEO optimization techniques to bring your blog to the top. Check out these colorful movie blogging templates here.

Motivation / Inspirational Blog

Help your readers to come out of their tough times. Be their guardian angel by posting motivational stories and imbibing positive thoughts in them by sharing your life experiences. Show them a different perspective on life. You can download refreshing templates for this niche here…

Gadgets and Technology

Technology today is growing at a blistering speed. Catch the eyes of tech geeks around the world by writing about the hottest technologies. Expose them to an unexplored world of hidden secrets of science. Make your blog posts attractive by using these templates.

Travel and Adventure

Do you maintain a diary to write about your travel adventures? If your answer is yes, then a travel blogger lives inside you. Write about those bright sunrays you see sneaking through the tree branches and gushing waterfalls. Let your readers experience your journey sitting in their reading rooms. Check out these vibrant travel blog templates.

Finance / Insurance

Many are unaware of how to handle finances. If you have delved into this industry and can guide everyone on smart ways to invest, start a blog. You can post about car insurance, SIP, fixed deposit, and stock trade. Download a template here and start blogging.

Blogging is the best way to reach a wider audience sitting in any corner of the world. All these niche blog templates come in two plans, Starter (free plan) and Liberty (Paid Plan). Download these easily customizable templates and start your blog today.


If you are a crazy fashion enthusiast, but love talking about movies, exploring the world is your passion, but you enjoy writing about what you cooked in your kitchen, there cannot be a better career choice than Webzine blog website template. It is packed with outstanding features from the world of web design. Like the life of a blogger is full of adventures, the template interface is filled with grids. But, it never looks crowded.