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No matter what kind of business you are into, a well designed website will create a professional image on the internet. For example, there may be many French or German language training centers in your area. Can you trust all of them?

A professional organization will have its website sorted with all the necessary information about their portfolio, services, and even testimonials from the earlier clients. This will generate an amount of trust at your subconscious level.

So, every business must have a corporate website.

The easiest and quickest way to build a website is by using a customizable template. We have more than 400 corporate website design templates for your business, which are available in varied color palettes, layouts, animations, and typography. And, you can use them based on your type of business.

All the templates are smoothly responsive to any screen size and are compatible with all the browsers.

What is a corporate website?

A corporate website is a way to portray your brand on the Internet. If you want to take your local business on a global platform and reach out to those who do not even know about you, a corporate website helps you achieve that goal. When you post online advertisements, the home page of your corporate website is the landing page.

Unlike an eCommerce website, a corporate website is not for selling services online. Generally, most corporations use a corporate website to create an impression upon their visitors and generate enough leads.

A corporate website starts with a title, logo, and tag line of the company followed by brief information in the ‘about us’ page. This part of your website is the first thing that your visitor will check out. It is the home page of your website. This follows a services section, testimonials from your past customers, and your portfolio.

The services page can also include promotional offers during festive or anniversary occasions.

The website ends with a contact page, which should have a message box so that your visitors can contact you.

How important is a corporate website for my business?

A corporate website is the cheapest way to take your business global. There may be many customers out there who are desperately looking for services which only you can offer. In such a case, your website becomes a point of contact between your business and those customers. This is how your business can flourish within no time. It is all about smart work rather than hard work. But, only a website will not suffice. You must also be active on social media platforms and be part of online communities.

How much does a corporate website cost?

Building a corporate website has a wide range of budgets. It can range from anywhere between $20 to $40,000 depending on various factors.

The cost of a website includes the following,

  • Buying a domain – A domain is your website’s URL, which your visitors will type in the address box (like It costs you somewhere between $10 to 20$ per year. But, if you want a customized extension (.home, .corporate, .office) instead of .com, the price can go to $200 per year.
  • SSL Certificate – This certificate protects your customer’s personal information (passwords, credit, and debit card details) from unscrupulous attacks on your website. Its cost may range from $10 to $1000 per month or year. Some hosting service providers offer them for free after you buy a domain from them.
  • Hosting Fees – To keep your website active on the internet, you need to buy space on servers. This is known as hosting space, and it can cost you between $10 to $100 per month.
  • Website Design – Corporate website design can be expensive at an early stage of your business. If you google ‘best corporate website examples’, you will see beautiful designs that can tempt you. But you must also be ready for high fees of professional web designers and developers, which can go to $10000.

Now, that does not mean you cannot get a website for your starter business. Developments in programming have made web design easy. Today, you can build a corporate website on your own without any knowledge of coding. You can download a corporate website template from w3layouts and use our website builder to customize it based on your nature of business.

The customization is as easy as dragging a window on your computer screen. Just drag and drop the elements you want taking the reference of grids. This way you can build your website at almost no cost.

We have consultancy website templates, corporate training website templates, internet service provider website template, managed service provider website template, real estate agency website template, marketing agency website template, online stock trading company, and many others.

What makes a good corporate website?

Since you are going to spend your time and money to start your website, you must make sure that your website creates an impact on everyone. It should have some appealing qualities. But whatever appeals to you may not be always liked by everyone. You may want to try something out of the box. But sometimes, in the process of being too innovative, you may lose the track. And, that can be harmful. So, here are some tips to create a successful corporate website.

  • Answer the questions – Anyone who has traveled to your website already has a lot of questions. And if you can answer their questions, you have won hearts. Don’t be desperate and start selling your services right away. Instead, build trust and focus on being a service provider.
  • Use catchy phrases with simple language – Irrespective of what type of corporate business you are into, once you are on the internet, you are exposed to visitors from different cultures and backgrounds. Making a connection with all of them is your prime motto. So, the idea of using difficult vocabulary only to sound impressive can fall on your face.
  • Simple Layout – Use a layout that is easy to navigate. A single page layout (also called as ‘one-page website’) is trending nowadays because scrolling has become a part of the everyday life of netizens. If you are using a multipage layout, create enough inquisitiveness in your visitors so that they click the tabs and visit every page.
  • Visually Pleasing Color Palette – The color contrast between the background, header, and the text body should be such that every detail is visible. Also, try to mingle the choice of colors with your brand or logo. Make it your standard.
  • Smooth Responsive Website – In recent times, mobile phones have been successful in giving a more convenient browsing experience to users. More than 50% of internet traffic comes from mobile phones. So, you cannot afford to ignore the responsiveness factor in your corporate web design.
  • High-Quality SEO – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) decides your ranking in google when anybody searches for the services. For better ranking, your content must have appropriate keywords.

W3layouts offers single and multipage corporate website templates with high responsiveness. The color palettes are smartly chosen by our designers, and the layouts help easy navigation.

How to design a corporate website?

Web artists always look for corporate website design inspiration to come up with best practices for creating a website. Apart from a simple eye-friendly layout and use of appealing colors (as mentioned above), there are few more factors to be looked after while designing a corporate website.

Call to Action Buttons – These are buttons like ‘subscribe’, ‘buy now’, ‘contact us’, etc. which motivate visitors to take action. These are vital for increasing engagement with your brand. Placing them at the right spot can rapidly boost your online presence. Many designers use vibrant colors to make them pop out against the background. They also make use of animations to grab the attention of the users.

Breathing Space – If you have too many things to offer, you must use the space on your web page intelligently. Don’t cram your website by stuffing everything. If you do it, even if you have exceptional things to offer your audience will struggle to find them. It is recommended to leave some breathing spaces with no text or image on your page. They increase readability and improve user experience.

Typography – Over the years, typography has evolved as a major ingredient in the recipe for web design. Every font carries emotion and you can convey a lot only by using apt fonts. Depending on the type of your firm (Corporate Bank, Corporate Finance Company, Marketing agency, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Corporate Lawyers) select the right typography which looks professional and is pleasantly readable.

Videos – Video content has been proved to be the most engaging form of content. A high-quality video at the home page explaining about your firm and services will surely increase the conversion rate.

Make sure you implement all the points mentioned while designing your website.

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