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140 Best Education Website Templates

Promoting your educational endeavors becomes handy if you have a website. It not only builds an online reputation but also gives a virtual tour of your institution to your prospective students. They can glance through the departments, photo gallery of classrooms and laboratories, and even ask their queries through the contact form.

In this category, we cover responsive HTML education website templates for your kindergarten, school, college, and university.

Our templates web design is not restricted to institutions alone. With a little drag and drop, you can also build websites for teachers, students, skill-based training programs, tuition classes, sports coaching, or any profession related to education.

Our awesome collection of websites for education gives you plentiful choices to make. All the templates are innovatively designed with smooth sliders and glossy hover animations, consume less space making your website load faster.

Browse through the templates. And, if you like them, download and spread the word.

Education Website Templates 

With education getting digitized more and more, having a website for the same is imperative. Reports state that students now visit the school and college websites before even deciding on a course. If you do not have an interactive school website, try building one with our education website templates today. 

From online coaching and live online courses to online tuitions and courses, having an online presence can benefit you multifold. Let’s see how: 

Importance of having an Educational Website 

The importance of having a school website can be broken down into categories for a better explanation. But irrespective of the categories, one thing all such sites should have in common is an attractive design. Think of your website as an online portfolio of your physical business and a good online presence can be achieved with school website templates

  • School, College or university websites
    These days, parents and students alike, visit a school website before visiting the school premises. The reason is very simple – the web lets you check, analyze and compare thousands of potential educational institutions in one place. So, when web visitors land on your website for the very first time, what do you think they will notice? The first thing that hits them is the look and feel of the website. If your educational website design looks bad, no one is even going to look further. Thus, make sure that you have a website that is snappy and looks good. And if you’re looking for design inspirations, do check out our education and school website templates.
  • Online Course Websites or MOOCs
    You might have noticed a lot of people sell online courses now. Be it a single person selling a course online or a collective (like MOOCs) hosting online courses – their websites look visually appealing. There are high chances that they have used education website templates to design their site. See, no one will trust you with their money online if you don’t come across as a trusted source. So, don’t just spend months creating the best course, invest some time in getting a good website design as well.
  • Tutorial Websites
    Online tutorial websites are huge nowadays. These sites not only provide valuable information but also make a lot of money. If you want to earn money online from providing tutorials, we would recommend investing in a good HTML education website template from W3layouts. 

What should you look for while getting a school website template? 

An ideal education template should not only look good but also should come packed with a lot of functionalities and features. Look for one with a striking design, interactive web elements, drop-down menus, smooth sliders, et cetera. Having an educational website does not necessarily mean that it has to look boring. Look for edgy designs, something that will help your site stand out. Check out W3layouts collection of education and school website templates for some major inspiration. 

A closer look at the education templates  

These Bootstrap education templates have been built with HTML & CSS. Some of the salient features are:   

  • Flat & Responsive:  
    These school templates are built on the Bootstrap framework which makes them fully responsive. Responsive templates can be seamlessly displayed on any screen size or resolution. So, your users can access your store on any device in high resolution.  
  • Modern and Elegant Design:  
    These web themes are made with attention to the minutest of details. The designs are elegant and at par with professional standards.  
  • Font Awesome Icons:  
    These HTML templates come with built-in Font Awesome icons, which are free icons & toolkits, that will make your dashboards look sleek and modern.  
  • Widgets Integration:  
    Smart widgets and nifty features like Google Maps integration, drop-down menus, hover animations, interactive scrolls and much more have been built into these free web themes.  
  • Easy Customization:  
    Customizing W3layouts templates is like cutting a piece of cake. First, use our “Demo” option to see how the templates would look on a live website. Then you can download it and edit it if you’re well versed with HTML & CSS. Alternatively, you can also use our “Edit” option to alter the templates according to your requirements.

From school to colleges to tutorials sites, we have a website template for every category of educational websites. These were just a handful of features that we elaborated on. Download our Bootstrap education website templates and build amazing sites.