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135 Free Interior Designers and Furniture shops Showrooms Website Templates

In the interior and furniture design business, the only way to get more clients is by showing your work to them. But that involves getting a web designer, discussing with him and building a website. That’s okay if you are an established interior designer. But what if you are just starting out?

Our free interior design and furniture website template will help you to build your website effortlessly. They are available in a wide range of themes. The galleries support high-resolution images and are installed with a lightbox effect. The templates also have easy-to-fill forms, wide banners, and clear CTA buttons.

Our developers have specifically designed them keeping in mind the needs of an interior designer. Check out these interior design website templates one by one and choose your favorite.

Why download interior design website templates from w3layouts?

W3Layouts has a wide variety of interior design website template to cheer up your mood at your house or working place. We have a collection of templates that are designed with creativity and give you a positive vibe. The major attributes of our templates are patters, color, spacing, and line. Every customizable template follows the basic guidelines to represent their projects. Our website template designing team always amazes its clients by providing high quality and easily customizable free interior design website templates.

Our designers have excellent website design plans to showcase our latest trending designs for interior designers. We have a collection of design which possesses bright looks with outstanding animation properties. Creating an awesome website is easy than you think. The target audience is very mature and possesses a great sense of design features and attributes. Your website reflects innovation and artistry. An average looking theme won’t fulfill your purpose. Our free interior design website template is easy and handy to be used for any non-technical person or who have minimal designing knowledge.

W3Layouts themes are best for business people who wish to represent their individuality and uniqueness through their website.

The key features of our Interior Website Design Template are,

1. Introduction Pages

W3Layouts have simplified the website customization by creating a home page, about us and services page in interior design website template. These are the important elements of website designing that should not be overlooked at any cost. Before proceeding to your website, any user initially wants to know about your website and the services you provide. Describing in detail is significant for business which will cover all the important information and aspects of your site.

The introductory pages grab the reader’s attention and forbid him from pressing the back button. These pages are designed with highly creative ideas which give the users a reason to visit your website again and again. These pages are frequently viewed and provide the business owner with an opportunity to build a brand reputation.

2. Color Theme Templates

The most important aspect of website designing is selecting the best color combinations which give a pleasing look to your website. Users reject the website based on color impressions. It is believed that the best color combinations create a positive impact on the user and drive a profitable customer action for the business. Our interior design website template ultimately encourages the users to stay for a long on your website.

W3Layouts has a remarkable combination of the HTML website templates with a suitable color mixture which promotes the customers to produce a curiosity about your product.

We believe that simplicity on the website can be achieved if we avoid using too many colors.

3. Contact and subscription forms

Contact and Subscription Form is significant for lead generation. Our interior design website template allows you to gather subscriber’s information to get your best services.

Our templates for interior design websites are designed so that the users fill up their information to receive mail for building brand names and build trust in the users. Through contact forms, business owners collect information such as name, address, email and gender. By providing such information, the subscribers reveal an interest in your products and services.

These subscription and contact forms generate credibility which showcases that your website is legitimate and forbids it from dropping in the spam category.

4. Responsive Layout

Non-designers may not be well-versed with the term responsive. In simple words, responsive means website which is mobile-friendly and which looks good on all devices irrespective of their resolution. The responsive layout allows users to spend maximum time on your website. From the perspective of ranking in Search Engines, our website templates are high in demand by the business owners.

W3Layouts have the best interior design website templates which automatically manage the content, images and other attributes to adjust according to the active screen size.

We have designed the responsive website to evade unnecessary scrolling, zooming, and re-sizing of elements on different devices. The website templates provide easy navigation to avoid customer frustration and scale up the user experience.

5. Customizable Elements

W3Layouts has design templates with HTML, CSS and JQuery plugins. With the use of HTML, CSS, and JS, we can produce flash-like effects such as drop-down menus, animations and photo galleries. HTML5 is the latest version of HTML and supports all browsers. These interior design website templates have excellent layouts and great responsiveness.

CSS3 is the latest version of CSS and provides great font types and font sizes, with unique color combinations. The advanced coding through JQuery improves the performance of your site. The website designing through a combination of HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery plugin enables various interchangeable themes with page sliders and sortable galleries.

This significantly reduces the customization time and increases productivity.

6. Modern Google Fonts

After color combination, the thing which attracts the user most is fonts on your website. Using the appropriate fonts for heading, sub-heading and body-text will make it look professional. The good-looking fonts make it look stylish and bright. These fonts set a non-verbal communication with the user and immediately form an impression of the trademark.

W3layouts have designed the templates with Google fonts which perfectly match with the website and brand. If you want to achieve more uniqueness for your website, W3layout templates are perfect for you to download. Our interior design website templates serve the purpose of clients by availing delicate styles and makes them look smart and attractive.

7. Mobile sub-suite

Mobile websites have enabled developers and marketers to create a positive impression of your product. More than 90% of the user has quick access to mobile devices. W3layout designers consider mobile functionality while designing the templates. Our goal is to design user-friendly, likable pages and avoiding too much data and functionality on a single page.

Our templates for interior design websites are optimized to provide an app-like experience. They facilitate you to have zoom-in and zoom-out feature to view the product images with comfort. For mobile-oriented websites, we have the finger touch functionality. From the SEO perspective, website visibility on SERPs, conversions and revenue growth, mobile sub-suite are in high demand.

8. Animation Support

Animated websites are trendy and are user-friendly. Animations are not restricted to cartoons these days; in fact, they are giving incredible experience to the user. They are used to create advertisements, marketing videos, and games for your website. The simple header and footer can be made more attractive with a slight animation effect. As the demand for video content is growing, our interior design website templates will enable the customer to better understand how the interior will appear after implementation in real.

Designing animated charts, graphs will enhance the website look. W3Layouts designers create adorable elements with animation techniques to present the information more realistically. Our template designers possess an awesome level of creativity with great interior design website ideas to access templates and themes.

9. Slideshow

Slideshow automates image and page viewing. The slideshow can display any documents, multimedia. It is one of the best ways to display large information in a compressed and systematic manner. The modern web designs are majorly using these carousels where the content interchanges horizontally or vertically.

The use of such slideshows in our interior design website template cuts down the unnecessary efforts of scroll and mouse actions. This functionality saves the user’s time and effort. The interior designer can display their designs more effectively and interactively. You can give a detailed description of your designs and ideas which attracts the user most. W3layouts has a wide collection of such carousel based website designs which gives different slide effects automatically and on user’s actions.

10. Embedded Videos

Video galleries on the website are trending which makes your website appear stylish and functional. Video integration on your website attracts the user and drive visitors in bulk. Instead of reading large articles and blogs, people nowadays prefer to watch videos. The video content makes a visualized image in the mind of the customer’s which makes him remember the thing for long.

Our interior design website templates have videos embedded that are compatible across all platforms and devices.

11. Clickable Calendar

W3layouts has organized the best calendars according to website and mobile websites. We have designed these interior design website template calendars by JavaScript functionality and CSS to provide an interactive feature for our audience. These calendars allow entering the date manually or by clicking the month and date arrow.

These calendars have custom designed backgrounds, borders, icons, and flipping effects. These elements you can prefer to change according to the theme and color combination of your site.

Our custom designed calendars are praised by tech-savvy people. Each calendar has a unique set of features with creative elements.

12. Set of Social Media Links

Social media is one unique way to connect with users and attract visitors to your website. The social media revolution brings the platform to share and promote your business. The social media sharing buttons on our interior design website templates are for customers to engage and connect with the brand.

Our themes offer customizable social media links through which you can choose where you wish to share our product. Social media share to drive traffic to your websites which results in ranking on top of SERPs.

You are free to place these buttons on the header, footer or right-side column.

13. Cross-Browser Support

Your website looks gorgeous when it is supported by multiple browsers. Your website is compatible with different browsers if it sustains any browser version. Our designers are very competent in the creation of interior design website templates which are acknowledged by multiple browsers.

A website that works well in cross browsers provides a smooth and coherent user experience. W3layout possesses eminent interior design website ideas to make sure that your website works for every user irrespective of browser or device. Website compatibility is one important aspect that encourages users to visit your website and persuades them to leave a good impression of your business plan.

14. Space for Google Adsense

Business owners are depending on AdSense to generate revenue through their website by displaying ads. Nowadays, the end goal of the maximum websites is to improve their earning by running ads and persuading users to click them.

The interior design website templates provide the space to place the google ads. These Adsense placing blocks can be removed or easily customized at your comfort. While you get the AdSense approval, you don’t have to juggle up between where to place your ads.

This feature will optimize your website performance and automatically adjust according to varying screen sizes.

15. FAQ Section

As you have designed and developed the website till the end, the number of questions arises in the users’ minds about your product such as prices, service hours, functionality, etc. It is significant to answer the users’ queries. W3layouts template designers give the business owners this opportunity to get ready with the solutions for customer’s inquiries.

The FAQ section of interior design website templates guides the user and provides resolutions to their problems. The effectively designed FAQ section is the foremost requirement of any business. It is the first point of contact with your clients to provide them with elaborated information and learn about your services. Our templates also have a feature to submit new questions through which you can directly interact with the users.


Designing custom websites is time taking. W3layouts designers and developers professionally design these templates with attributes like blog pages, sidebar and easily navigated pages within the website.

Our templates come with easy to manage features which are cooperative with all platforms and OS.

The interior design website templates can be easily customized without knowing a single line of code. These websites are SEO friendly will help you to rank on the search engine results page.

So, if you require a custom-designed theme, W3layouts emerges as a one-stop solution to fulfill all your website purpose. Click to download our awesome themes and get the best user experience.