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December 22, 2019

New Year 2020 Email Template 

Like the sun wakes up after starry night, the first day of January marks a new beginning after a cherishing goodbye to the past. Good days and bad days are both a part of life and all that we have in the future is hope. 

New year marks a new beginning of that hope. And, with new beginnings comes a reason to welcome new things in life.

Many of your customers celebrate the new year with resolutions. Learning a new musical instrument, a new language, trying out a new wardrobe, or learning to cook a new dish. They promise themselves to change the course of their lives by taking up a new challenge.

Well, holding onto a resolution takes forte which very few people have. For those who need help, you can be their messiah. And there waits a business opportunity in a hood. Boost your sales by making an emotional connection with your customers, clients, and readers. 

Send them an email newsletter and start a fresh year on a strong note. 

But, an average person’s email account rings 88 times a day. So, that clearly means your newsletter should be nothing less than awesome. It should not only stand out but also compel your audience to engage with it. 

There are two ways of dealing with this.  

One is to keep everything aside and devote your time in designing the newsletter from scratch. But, with your clients constantly buzzing around, this seems far from possible. 

The second option (recommended), download an email newsletter template and customize it based on your needs. 

Use this new year template to increase the sales.  

New Year 2020 Responsive Email Newsletter Template 

This template walks the same road as many other traditional new year newsletters. But it takes an unconventional turn. You might have seen that many new year newsletters focus on a celebratory look and feel. But here, our designers have given more emphasis on white spaces. And, that makes it unique. The white spaces say that you are serious about your thing. And, readability comes as a welcome addition. 

Understanding the color theory, our designers have introduced a lot of reds. Red is famous as a symbol of love and celebration. 

We know that every brand has its own style and appeal. The colors and images used in this template may not go with you or your clients’ brand. No worries! 

Once you download this template, we provide you an extra feature to customize it. Make full use of your freedom and make this template as cohesive with your brand as possible. This will attract new customers and deepen your trust with loyal repeated customers. 

Along with CTA buttons spread over the template, there are also social media buttons at the footer. Budding online entrepreneurs should know that social media is key to get more traffic on your site. Stay active on social media and never lose sight of your audience. 

You are only a snap away from downloading the template. It comes in two versions, Starter (free) and Liberty (paid). Go through the offerings of both the versions and use the one which is best for you. 

Please keep backlink to, if you are downloading the template for free. If you are using the website template for commercial purpose consider buying a Liberty License.

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