A mobile app is a must for every business today. It presents your services right in the palms of the users.

Once they install your app on their smartphone, you are in direct communication with them. Nothing between you and the end-user.

As smartphones are penetrating at a brisk pace, mobile application development technology has taken quantum leaps.

Apart from web apps that operate through websites, there are also native apps that are built for specific platforms (ios, android, etc). Native applications take full advantage of the device to give optimal performance.

The app design has become a dedicated field of study in universities. If not university, anyone can even do a certified course in it.

But, to use the technology you need to spill the right beans. If you want to build an app, you need someone to sink his teeth into it. You need to hire a team of designers and developers, pay them good bucks and then keep track through the cycles of development and testing. Lot of work, isn’t it?

Yes. Not everything in this world is as easy as changing batteries of your TV remote. But, Wait.

What if, building an app does not involve these hassles?

if designing the UI of an app does not cost you anything?

If you are thinking it’s impossible, don’t conclude yet. We have made it possible for you.

Like website templates, we have a good collection of mobile templates as well. You can download them, configure their back end with the help of developers and launch your app on the web.


All these bootstrap mobile application templates are responsive and mobile friendly for the users and designed using HTML5 and CSS3. They are compatible with any browser and device.

So, there is nothing to worry about. Create your own app by using any of our templates and serve your customers better and faster. All the apps are available in the two plans. Starter (free) and Liberty (paid).

The collection is not limited to only templates for mobile applications. It also comprises of website templates where you can launch your app.

Global Transport

Global Transport is a premium travel website template for transportation, freight, cargo, trucking, car renting and automobile companies. This HTML template is specially designed for mobile apps and comes with a predesigned set of necessary pages like appointment form, landing page, sign in & sign up, FAQ page, eCommerce page, pricing table, timeline page, blog page, and many others. You can also adopt it for desktops as well. With this premium website template, build an engaging interface for your app in minutes.


Launch under construction page template does not let your potential customers take a pass without noticing. You may be busy renovating your business but replacing your ‘site under construction’ message with this stylish page will add to your glory. No visitor can resist bookmarking the website after held by the countdown timer. Social media buttons can channelize their excitement and improve your online reach.