Features of 404 error page templates from W3Layouts

The 404 error page templates from w3layouts will not only give an attractive look to your 404 pages but also help you to gain more traction on your website. Normally considered as an unusable part of a website, you can use this page for increasing your conversion rate.

Using the interesting features of our 404 error page templates, you can communicate better with your users and prevent them from bouncing out of your website when a 404 error takes place.

Innovations are happening at a rapid pace in every field of business today. And the same holds true for web designing. Irrespective of what kind of business you are into, your website design must follow the latest trends in order to catch as many viewers as possible.

Having a custom made well designed 404 pages in one of those design trends which will give a spurring jump to your brand image.

Here are some features of the 404 error page templates from w3layouts,

High-Resolution Background Image

fog error page

Check out the demo of the page here.

High-quality pictures are used in the background to give life to your pages. Based on the type of image you can suitably use the page for a website of any category. If the pictures are that of a landscape or a forest, you can use it for wildlife photography or travel-related websites. Those with pictures of stylish models or food can be used for fashion-related or food-related websites. In some templates, the pictures are customizable and are also animated with hover effects.

Call to Action Buttons

Check out the demo of this design here.

Some of our 404 error page templates have called to action buttons that help users to come back to your website instead of going away. When you place these buttons on your error page, there are two things that happen. One thing is that it will generate more trust amongst your visitors. Another thing is you can pull them back to whichever page you like. Either you place a ‘go-to home’ button, or a ‘contact us’ button, or you can also link a well-written article on your blog, say which is not generating enough views.

Search Bar


Check out the design here.

If a call to action buttons gives you the power to pull the users wherever you want, why not give power to the users to decide wherever they wish to go? This can be achieved by using a search bar from our 404 error page templates. The users can enter the keyword and navigate the links to find whatever they want from your website. This gives the onus back to the user giving him a feeling that you trust him. This earns you respect as a brand.

Social Media Icons

Dark Error Page Responsive Widget Template

Check out the template here.

What if you can increase your social media presence through a 404 error page? Yes, you can absolutely do it by using the templates which have social media icons. These buttons allow users to check their social media profiles. Arrange these buttons in such a way that they are easily visible to the users. Coupling them with any CTA buttons gives the best results. This means they can either go to your Facebook and insta page or go back to the home page or any other page you give them an option of.

Creative Typography

Check out this design here.

The use of creative typography gives an attractive appearance to these pages. The user is not suddenly taken aback after encountering a 404 error. Instead, the message is conveyed in the most entertaining way possible. In some cases, you will also find the text decorated with interesting animation. The use of font styles also allows you to use the page in specific niche websites. Like in the case of the example shown above, this 404 page is apt for wedding-related business websites.

Menu Bar


Check out the demo of the page here.

A 404 error page is a result of the user getting lost. That’s why you must make sure that he is shown the right way towards his destination. Our 404 pages have buttons taken from your website menu bar. As shown in the picture, these buttons help users to navigate back to the website. You can edit the text and link appropriate pages from your website making the process easy.

Animated Characters

Take a demo of this template here.

Apart from creative typography, you will also see the innovative use of animated characters on these 404 error pages. These characters give a human touch and bring life to the page. They make the page more engaging so that users stay on our website and not run away because of frustration. Indirectly, the use of such characters can also help you strengthen your brand image. With more creative juices flowing, you can also do some brand integration in these pages by using your logo as well.

Our team of exceptional designers and developers synergize all these features together to give you top of the notch 404 error page templates. You can go through our collection of designs and choose the right designs for your website so that blend in effortlessly.

You can also make customization to the pages using our website editor.

Our 404 error page templates are available in both free and paid versions. We highly recommend the paid versions as they come without a backlink.

Err Page

Fixed Error Page

Fixed 404 error page template is designed for agriculture, gardening, and photography categories. It has a plain cream-colored carpet with a transparent 404 carved on it. The 404 has an image background giving a glimpse into a different world. Along with being 100% responsive, the template is also customizable. Hence, you can also change the background image of 404. The ‘Back to Home’ button takes back visitors to the website’s home page.

Track Error Page

Track 404 error page template is specially designed for mental health, awareness, introspective type of blogs. The background picture of a man standing on a railway track showing his back to us gives an introspective feel to it. Apart from a text message, the page has a ‘subscribe’ and ‘back to home’ button, to show the right path to your lost users. The design is responsive, with font awesome icons and popup subscription form, easy to customize, and editor ready.

Fog Error Page

Fog is a 404-page templates designed for photography-related websites. The template has a full-screen background image floating to the movement of the pointer. The dark hilly landscape coated with fog puts a royal impression on the visitor. The ‘Back to Home’ button guides the visitors to walk back to the home page of your website. Other features of this 404-page template include responsiveness, easy to customize, website builder ready, use of HTML and CSS, etc.

Candy Error Page

Candy 404 error page template is for websites of toy stores, kids’ clothing shops, bakeries, playschools, chocolate companies, and entertainment parks. The vibrant punch comes from a colorful picture of a swirl candy stick against the innocent pink background. And, with a flat and clean canvas, your visitors will stay far away from the visual clutter. This fully responsive html error page template has cool css3 animations, home button, and google fonts. It is also easily customizable.

Bicycle Error Page

Bicycle error page template does not even look like an error page! It looks like an inherent part of your website. Not only the cool picture of a bicycle resting against a stand, but some great features brings this template in your downloads list. This HTML page comes with a search box, social media icons, and a modern background image.

Pug Error Page

Pug Error Page is the modern alternative of the standard 404 error page. The background has a pug in an apologetic pose to which anyone will fall in love. This makes it perfect for any pets related website.

Wed Error Page

If you want to make your web page out of the box in every aspect, then download this 404 error page template. Be creative and Get rid of the blunt 404 error message. This soothing template is perfect for a wedding or matchmaking website.