Online Gaming

Snipers, tankers, and those tense moments of climax in shooter video games are always heart throbbing. A website focusing on such type of game should carry the entire genre on its shoulders. Online Gaming is filled with fiery graphics and a video player widget, to give highlights of the real gaming experience to the users.

Online Video Game

This one has a delicate color palette, focusing on lighthearted children’s games. Understanding that kids are huge fans of game merchandizes, our developers have kept a blog section where gaming companies can promote their merchandise. The soft animations are aesthetically attractive.

Gaming Store

There is a famous saying if you want to build your brand, you must spend time in building your audience. The Gaming Store website template does just that! With a single page sliding layout, the template will shoot up your online presence and help you grow in your business. For developers, this is one easy way to please your clients.


Dragon Hunt

Dragon Hunt is a stunning free HTML customizable gaming website template for video games, gaming blogs, magazines, game stores, game studios, game portal. The dynamic design and sleeky animations will instantly attract more eyes and give the visitors a slice of gaming experience. You can also customize it for other entertainment related businesses.