Ultra Coming Soon

With a road through the hills in the background, the Ultra coming soon page template will blend in with any travel and adventure website. For those who don’t get easily impressed by the time counter, there is a ‘click me’ button to encourage them to subscribe. Below the title of your site, you can also a catchy tag line to give a hint of something that will be unboxed in the days to come. With all its features, the template stands in full support for your next big venture.

Route Under Construction

Route is a website under construction template for photographers and bloggers. The carpet of a serene sunrise is spaciously occupied by a countdown days widget, email subscription widget, main title, and subtitle boxes to spark the curiosity levels of your visitors. Designed by our code artists using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, the template is nothing less than a new sunrise in your business.

Wonder Coming Soon

Wonder is a customizable website under construction template for safari companies but not restricted to them. If you change the background image, the royal title font also makes it suitable for your gaming website to get launched. The subscribe button hides a popup subscription form which gets revealed after the button is clicked. This minimalistic template can adjust itself to any screen size and browser.

Teddy Coming Soon

Vibrancy can look ugly if not done within certain boundaries. The flat yellow background of Teddy makes the template vibrant without untidy flashiness. In the big text box at the top, you can either add ‘Site Under Construction’ or any other catchy title. Along with a subscribe button and a timer widget, this template also holds a contact us button. How smart is that! Too many blank spaces may look dull sometimes, but that works here.

Click Under Construction

Click uses only two colors to say what it wants to say. The countdown timer has an eccentric layout, instantly lighting up the inquisitive bulb in the minds of the visitors. The ‘Subscribe Us’ button houses a popup form through which you can collect email addresses in your mailing list. The HTML, CSS template is perfect for your online fashion store, or a fashion blog, to create interest for your latest festive sale.

Clock Coming Soon

Clock has the most loved color combinations for the festivity, which is Red and White, complimented by an animated background. The bulgy styled title enjoys the most attention on the page. The countdown timer widget with stars falling around creates the effect of passing time, while the most anticipated event is nearing. This website under construction page is suitable for businesses like event management, clothing store, bakery, and any birthday party celebrations.