Fresh Coming Soon

Fresh is a colorful HTML template for you to display your website under construction message. It comes with a title text, supporting text, countdown timer, and subscribe us button. With the default background image, you can use it for any food and restaurant-related websites. But, that’s not a rule. Its customizability offers to flexibility to change the image and use it for any website.

Route Under Construction

Route is a website under construction template for photographers and bloggers. The carpet of a serene sunrise is spaciously occupied by a countdown days widget, email subscription widget, main title, and subtitle boxes to spark the curiosity levels of your visitors. Designed by our code artists using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, the template is nothing less than a new sunrise in your business.

Click Under Construction

Click uses only two colors to say what it wants to say. The countdown timer has an eccentric layout, instantly lighting up the inquisitive bulb in the minds of the visitors. The ‘Subscribe Us’ button houses a popup form through which you can collect email addresses in your mailing list. The HTML, CSS template is perfect for your online fashion store, or a fashion blog, to create interest for your latest festive sale.

Exact Coming Soon

No site under construction page can get as exciting as this one. Exact comes with a slideshow of uniform pictures and smooth transitions. The typography brings a classiness to it, which is stepped up by a stylish popup subscription form. The most eye-catching part is the circular moving widget designed by our code artists. That’s enough to convey that something special is on the way.