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156 Free Travel Agency Website Templates

There comes a time in any travel related business when you must go online to expand your reach to global audience. Going online means getting a website.

To make your website building process smooth, we have designed these exclusive free travel agency website templates. If you scroll down, you will find more than 150 of them to choose from. Customizing them is like playing the easiest jigsaw puzzle. Just drag and drop!

There is only one way to attract more eyes. Put an exhibition of glorious pictures of all the exotic travel destinations. And, these HTML template not only support high resolution pictures but, also make sure that your website does not slow down.

So, take your time and go through all these free bootstrap templates. Pick the one you like and start your website offering affordable travel packages.

Have fun building your website!

How to build a travel website?

Everyone loves traveling and exploring around the world. The foremost benefit of traveling is learning about different cultures, experiencing their lifestyles, and visiting new places. In recent years, we have seen enormous growth in the online travel business. It is zooming rapidly and blowing the internet with remarkable adventure tips.

So, if you are looking to jump into the travel business, W3layout provides you with the best travel website templates to prepare and organize vacation tours.

Our travel booking website template presents the best platform for professionals to create their websites and blogs. They are suitable for newbie and do not need any prior experience or coding skills.

We have a wide collection of premium and free travel agency website template which will simplify your process and enhance the website’s function and features.

Before you get into the boat, here are the few tips we present to build the best travel website.

1. How to choose domain and hosting?

The primary requirement of any business is to choose a domain name and hosting. The domain is the name of your website which appears in URL and hosting provides the space in the server for your website to sustain. Every website has a unique domain name. Here are a few tips for how to select the domain name and hosting for your website.

To select the domain:

  • The domain name should be short, easy to read & spell.
  • Should be SEO friendly, the inclusion of keywords is a great idea.
  • Make it simple by avoiding hyphens, number or anything that confuses the audience.
  • Domain extension depends on the purpose of the website. The .com is the most common extension for travel websites.

To select hosting:

  • The hosting provider should provide 24*7 hosting support.
  • It should be fast, reliable and secure.
  • The hosting should moderately support the website loading speed and handle maximum traffic.

2. How to select the travel website template?

W3layouts has a category of the best travel website templates which are multifunctional, and stylish. You will have a broad range of options like adding travel blogs, an online store for travel-related items, and photo-galleries with a lightbox effect.

The other features of the travel website template are social sharing buttons, cross-browser support, mobile-friendliness, search-box, subscription forms, and responsiveness. Not only this, but the templates also have video support, testimonials, drop-down menus, and easy page navigation.

W3layouts has eye-catching templates which will help in creating impactful and clean websites. These templates quickly prompt the user for call-to-action and get potential customers for your business.

If you are willing to prosper in your business and get high ROI, we will surely help in achieving your objectives.

3. How to create an engaging journey blog?

While creating the travel blog, the content always matters. The travel blog should be written in the simplest way possible because we cannot assume that the audience is highly educated. Adding images with blogs encourages the user to drive clicks.

While reading, the article should encourage the user to generate interest and discover new destinations, the article should be equally fascinating while reading on mobile. Blogs that do not provide a good mobile experience cannot generate high revenue growth and visitors.

Our free travel agency website template offers blog publishing options for authors.

The author can make it more interactive by storytelling or writing through personal experiences. Interactive ways make the learning process a fun-loving activity and the user is drawn towards choosing their favorite vacation spot.

4. How to build a user-friendly checkout process?

Never compel your users for signup while making the payment. This may disappoint the user and may result in conversion loss. Instead, give an option to login through social accounts. The customer’s time and efforts are precious. Make sure to value them.

While booking for the journey, avoid asking for too much information. Else it will adversely affect the sales and integrity of the website.

Try to offer special discounts coupons and promotions during the hotel or resort booking. This will ultimately increase the conversion rates.

W3layouts’ travel website template has an easy and user-friendly checkout process for payment gateway. While filling the form, if the user encounters an error, facilitate an easy and immediate fix option and guide them during the entire process.

5. How to integrate map in the website?

With little knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can integrate a map on your website. Adding your business on Google maps will help people to find it easily using their smartphones. Google maps are extremely significant for travel website for real-time information.

Restaurants, hotels, and resorts can be added to Maps, which enhances the user experience. They can see any sight even before visiting. They can even track down the distance of your destination from your initial location before you leave.

Though our travel website templates already have in-built Google Maps, you can customize it with these simple steps,

  1. First, create an HTML page.
  2. Integrate the map JavaScript API into your web page.
  3. Get an API key.

To understand them in detail, click here

6. How to build a marketing plan for your travel business?

A marketing strategy refers to a business plan for attracting customers by sharing your business benefits. To execute an excellent business plan, we have put down the best marketing strategies to meet the end goals of your business.

Begin a SWOT analysis to establish the identity of business by understanding strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Understand the target market, you want to influence. What issues arise while deciding travel destinations, booking flights and hotels? These are the common problems that people face while planning their itinerary.

Your marketing plans need constant updates according to ever-changing customer needs and your price and budget.

7. How to notify users through Emails?

The email notifications are significant to inform readers about any new post, the addition of new services or the changes which will happen soon. These emails are sent to the users who have subscribed to your website or are interested to plan your vacation through your website.

Apart from email design, the subject line, body, and signature are of great importance. The message should be clear and precise. You can also add images or links to your website in the mail.

W3layout travel website templates have a subscription forms for lead generation. Once the user subscribes to your website, the triggered emails are sent to him.

Few More Tips

  • Build an SEO friendly website

SEO optimized website will improve your presence on SERP. While building a website, you must take care of both on-page and off-page SEO.

To make SEO friendly website, URL structure, quality content, optimized images, and proper keyword usage are important factors. Also, do a thorough research on your competitor websites. Always check what the audience is looking for. These are the primary requirements for on-page SEO.

For off-page SEO, share your website on social media sites, build campaigns, and allow it to reach to maximum people.

Our designers have designed SEO-friendly travel website templates which will increase your visibility on search engines.

  • Know about package tours

Users always look for travel package tours which are convenient and fit-in their budget. They make the package selection according to their vacation spot with friends, family or colleagues.

The website owner needs to take proper regard while showcasing their discounts on tours. You can present your packages with discounts on hotels, flights, buses, and cruises.

Offering special discounts during the holidays, festivals or any event launch is another way to draw users to your website. Our travel website templates have a separate section to present discount offers.

Providing specialized tours for women’s special, honeymoon special, solo journey and seniors special will add extra features to your site.

  • Gather the best travel destination information

The author should have an eye for every detail and have an urge to find the information by research on the internet. While drafting blogs, write about the travel destinations which are high in demand by tourists and travel freaks.

Write about their culture, language, ethnicity, and cuisines. You can also include the travel tips and guides to make the audience prepare before their journey. Adding minute information like what to carry and what not to carry for a journey can be of great use.

Segregate your blogs according to different age groups, states, country or continents. This will enable people to find the best travel destinations nearby their area or location.

  • Collect hotels reviews and ratings

Before writing about the best nearby hotels, the author should conduct deep research for these hotel ratings and reviews. The audience is relying on the information you provide. You must be very firm while creating a blog and search for minute details. Our travel website templates have a separate section for describing the hotel’s review and ratings.

If the reviews and ratings do not exceed expectations, it is better not to misguide the readers. Also, check their ratings on Google My Business or other authorized and credible sites.

It is a great opportunity for business owners to improve their business reliability among the audience.

  • Multilingual support

Multilingual websites are the most attractive idea to expand your business around the world. They increase your sales, visitors and provide the most secure adventure to the user.

If your website is built only in the regional language, it can only attract the local people. But the world audience may not get benefit from it. People always browse your website in their regional language, so your website needs to be multilinguistic.

W3layouts has designed travel website templates for multilingual support through which you can advertise your business worldwide. In this way, your travel business will grow even in the international market.

  • Travel booking services

The travel booking services should be available 24*7. For this, you can use travel management software to manage the budget and travel costs. With online booking tools, users are free to make their travel bookings any time at any place.

The user registration should be flexible and cost-effective so that he can sign-in from any desktop or mobile device. It is also easy for business owners to manage their business with great expertise.

The travel services consist of connections between tourism products, travel agents and suppliers.

  • Inquiry Form

The inquiry forms are for clients who enquire about family vacations, planning tours, business travel, and cruises. These inquiry forms collect information such as name, email id, age, city, state, and country. These forms also store information like travel destination, number of passengers, traveling date, and returning date.

Our travel website templates possess inquiry forms to manage travel inquiries, accept the fast booking, process the documentation process online and find travel interests.

Such information is stored in the database and used later to notify users about travel details. The website owner should quickly reply to the user’s inquiries for lead generation and establish cordial relationships with them.

  • Personal messaging and chat

Everyone admires the personal attention. If you connect with your audience and reply to their queries, it will surely encourage the sale. The benefits of live chat are to invite new visitors, increase trust in your website and get feedbacks for regular updates and changes in your website.

The user might have several queries such as availability of bookings, pricing, packages, and relevant offers. If they are given personalized support, your website will appear trustworthy to the users.

Our custom-designed travel website templates have Live Chat services to grow the number of leads.


We have presented the fundamentals of a successful travel website. The article will surely help in accomplishing the best travel website. We take all efforts to establish your business in the market and consistently upgrading new enhancements and features.

W3layouts has the best travel booking website template, which helps you to customize logo, pages, sidebar and background images. We have convenient, simple and versatile website templates to make design and launch your website. If you have basic technical skills, you can enhance the features with custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Now you are all set to take your business online and provide an unparalleled experience to the visitors.