Features and Widgets of Under Construction or Coming Soon Page Templates

W3layouts’ possess all the fundamental attributes and widgets that a website needs. These widgets have enough potential to promote your products. Whether you need a personal blogging platform or e-commerce site, our templates fit well for your every purpose. The templates are 100% responsive, incorporated with visual elements and pre-built pages.

They are packed with modern and competitive widgets and give an appearance of ultimate professionalism.

Let us check the best features and widgets from the under construction or coming soon page templates.


W3layouts’ templates are the best choice for counters, designed with HTML, CSS3, and JQuery plugins. These features come handy and establish a strong web presence.

Our coming soon page templates are stuffed with such exciting countdown timers. There is no need to code any part of it. The timers are already integrated into the templates. In such templates, they reflect the construction time remaining for the completion of the project.

Subscription Form

Every website needs an elegantly designed subscription form so that users can subscribe to regular updates about your products. Our forms are purely designed with the latest technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and have awesome background scenery. We recommend asking for minimum details for subscription. When the user is on a coming soon or under construction page, such forms give you an opportunity to interest the users which results in a higher bounce rate.

Our subscription forms are trendy and elegant with a single field to enter the email and subscribe button.

‘Go to Home Page’ Button

The ‘go-to home page’ button is needed especially in under construction or coming soon pages. Our buttons have a very cool and attention-drawing design. They are used to navigate back to the home page. These CTA buttons are the lifeline of websites. Most of the templates have unique customization abilities.

You are free to customize the color, design, and style of these CTA buttons. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced developer, the templates are suitable for everyone.

Social Media Buttons

Social media is a unique platform to stay in touch with people and improve your fan base. Many users have access to social media which makes it easy for people to find you on every platform.

If you have a blog website, a portfolio website, or a music video website, you wish to share your material with the people worldwide. When you have social media icons on your under-construction page, the users can check your credibility through your social profiles. By clicking the icons, they can easily check your online presence.


Logo in the header is the attention-seeking widget which attracts the audience in the first visit. When you keep your company logo on a coming soon page, it begins to build the brand image and gives huge exposure to your business. Our coming soon page templates have placeholder of an appropriate dimension to insert your brand logo.

These templates will give you a full image control and change its size and placement. You can hire a professional designer to build a logo at an affordable cost.

Progress Bar

The progress bar determines the success of your product or application. These bars in our templates have simple colors and subtle animated effects. For a better visual effect, you can also show the progress bars dynamically.

Our coming soon page templates have this feature to display the completeness of the website in percentage. The completed part is filled with different color and the amount is highlighted in the center. They are designed with JQuery plugins and CSS3. They inform the user about the progression of the website.

Contact Form

The contact form has a name, email, message field, and CTA button. Visitors are inclined towards your business if you consistently remain in touch with them. In the current market scenario, endorsing your products and brand is of great significance.

In under-construction page templates, people are eager to know about your website launch and new releases. So, reaching out to them through our well-designed contact form could prove to be an advantage. You can customize the number of fields and change the color and background color of the theme form.

Floating Background Image

The floating background image moves across the screen with the movement of the cursor. This is one of the unique features which improves versatility and improves the user experience. It gives a classy visual appearance to your website. You can check it out here.

Our coming soon page templates allow easy and effortless integration without any coding knowledge. These themes possess multi-purpose layouts which are equipped with amazing concepts and attention-grabbing features.

Animated Background

The animated backgrounds have bubbles or snow effect which smoothly flow in the background. Check it out here. There are other types of animated effects as well. All modern browsers support these animated backgrounds. They differ from the traditional look and give a modern and functional appearance to the website. The 3D backgrounds are easily customizable, interactive, and attract the users in large numbers.

Such background in our coming soon page templates are designed by Javascript plugins. These dynamic features are breathtaking and create an interactive interface.

Auto-Changing Background Image

The auto-changing background image is one of the grooviest features in our website templates. The auto-changing background is fun and exciting to watch without any manual efforts. The feature automatically adjusts to any browser version or device. The image quality remains ineffective irrespective of the screen resolution. They have bullets on the right side to determine the activeness of the image. You can check the one shown in the picture here.

The under-construction page templates are SEO friendly and are a mark of appreciation for our developers.

Mingle – 4 in 1 Under Construction Page Template

Multiple themes in a single template describe that the template can be used for multi-purpose use. In modern trends, businesses are looking for templates that could thoroughly fulfill their purpose and leads to maximum productivity.

Our coming soon page templates have theme indexing on the right side. On clicking on each number, a different theme appears.

They are fascinating from a financial point of view and providing the services all-in-one.


In the above discussion, we have seen several dynamic and amazing features of our coming soon page templates. They are designed with full-featured plugins, configurable layouts, and smooth designs. Developed with great imagination, they have quick loading speed and excellent applications. These pages can be easily customized and flawlessly designed with high growth rates.

Our templates are available in both free and premium versions. You can download them in just a few clicks. But, if you find any difficulty in any step, you can read this blog and continue the downloading of our free coming soon page templates.


Hotel is a coming soon web page template for restaurants and hotel industry website. You can use this when your site is under construction or if you want to make an announcement of an event in your hotel or café. It is 100% responsive and has a stylish image of a coffee shop in the background. The font styles compliment each other nicely and the counter has bold digits that are clearly visible. The page also has a ‘contact us’ button.

Adventure Coming Soon

Adventure HTML coming soon page template has centered text boxes and subscription form fixed inside a responsive design. The background image is a beautiful scenery giving a calm feel. If it does not go with your genre, you can even change it. The countdown timer keeps the visitors on the edge and incites them to bookmark the page. With customizability features, you can always add your boosts of creativity to the template.

Red Leaf

Red Leaf is a coming soon page template that will help you build your audience even before your website is ready. With its refreshing forestry look, this is a perfect alternative to an under-construction page. The countdown timer hacks the curiosity of the visitors and an impressive hover effect comes as a bonus!


Convert the under construction page of your website into an interesting countdown timer by using Launch. This 100% responsive template comes with a timer widget that will entice your visitors. They will not be able to resist themselves from bookmarking the page.

Ultra Coming Soon

With a road through the hills in the background, the Ultra coming soon page template will blend in with any travel and adventure website. For those who don’t get easily impressed by the time counter, there is a ‘click me’ button to encourage them to subscribe. Below the title of your site, you can also a catchy tag line to give a hint of something that will be unboxed in the days to come. With all its features, the template stands in full support for your next big venture.

Fresh Coming Soon

Fresh is a colorful HTML template for you to display your website under construction message. It comes with a title text, supporting text, countdown timer, and subscribe us button. With the default background image, you can use it for any food and restaurant-related websites. But, that’s not a rule. Its customizability offers to flexibility to change the image and use it for any website.

Route Under Construction

Route is a website under construction template for photographers and bloggers. The carpet of a serene sunrise is spaciously occupied by a countdown days widget, email subscription widget, main title, and subtitle boxes to spark the curiosity levels of your visitors. Designed by our code artists using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, the template is nothing less than a new sunrise in your business.

Wonder Coming Soon

Wonder is a customizable website under construction template for safari companies but not restricted to them. If you change the background image, the royal title font also makes it suitable for your gaming website to get launched. The subscribe button hides a popup subscription form which gets revealed after the button is clicked. This minimalistic template can adjust itself to any screen size and browser.

Teddy Coming Soon

Vibrancy can look ugly if not done within certain boundaries. The flat yellow background of Teddy makes the template vibrant without untidy flashiness. In the big text box at the top, you can either add ‘Site Under Construction’ or any other catchy title. Along with a subscribe button and a timer widget, this template also holds a contact us button. How smart is that! Too many blank spaces may look dull sometimes, but that works here.

Click Under Construction

Click uses only two colors to say what it wants to say. The countdown timer has an eccentric layout, instantly lighting up the inquisitive bulb in the minds of the visitors. The ‘Subscribe Us’ button houses a popup form through which you can collect email addresses in your mailing list. The HTML, CSS template is perfect for your online fashion store, or a fashion blog, to create interest for your latest festive sale.

Exact Coming Soon

No site under construction page can get as exciting as this one. Exact comes with a slideshow of uniform pictures and smooth transitions. The typography brings a classiness to it, which is stepped up by a stylish popup subscription form. The most eye-catching part is the circular moving widget designed by our code artists. That’s enough to convey that something special is on the way.