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56 Free Wedding Website Templates

For all those who are into wedding related services, this category packs the best wedding website templates together. A wedding is an event where two souls come together. And, everyone is excited to take part in the celebrations!

With more than 50 designs for matrimonies, wedding organizers, ethnic clothing, wedding store, wedding catering services, this is one of the most exhaustive collections of HTML website templates you will find online.

If you are planning a grand event, create a wedding invitation website using our templates and make everyone a part of your celebrations. Keep posting regular updates on your website and send invitations through an email list.

Websites designed using our bootstrap templates are accessible on devices of any screen size. They will not experience any glitches.

Navigate through the pages to check out all the templates. You can download them with just a single click!

Have fun building your website.

Features and Widgets of wedding website templates on w3layouts

We often read across the posters of “Made for each other” during weddings, and so are these templates specially made for you. The wedding planners are always in search of beautiful and attractive website templates to impress their users. You certainly have to put a lot of effort into planning and organizing a wedding event.

We assure you can create stunning websites with these wedding website templates. You can customize the way you and your customers want. Their awesomeness will blow you away and make you believe that love is in these templates is rather than air. These templates are affordable and fun to integrate.

So here we present the collection of templates with luxurious components and delicate patterns.

Some special features of our website templates for wedding-related business are listed as follows,

1.Comprehensive header and footer

The most significant location on any website is the header section. It is the base of your complete website where people frequently look for navigation. This is the part that should not be ignored at any cost. The W3layouts’ wedding website templates header is categorized with necessary menu options like home, photo graphics, events and contact page.

The footer is another area that catches the user’s attention. The footer section in our templates has plenty of space to arrange your physical address, social media icons, email subscription box, map, auto dials, latest updates, and copyright notice. Your important information and links can be arranged here. This is the perfect place for call-to-action and getting maximum clicks.

2. Lightbox effect

The JQuery lightbox plugin allows adding video galleries and photos on your website easily. Without even knowing any code, you can add popup image and video galleries. It is the most efficient way to display your work in case of a single-page layout. It works well on the carousel, slider and video widgets as well.

We make sure that the user gets the same lightbox experience while browsing through mobile or other devices as they get on the desktop. All W3layouts’ wedding photography website templates are designed on the lightbox. They often help in attracting customers and promoting it via social media.

3. JQuery Animation Effect

These JQuery animations have the most remarkable effects. They attract a wide variety of modern audiences in our wedding website templates. The animation effects give a smooth look to our templates. With such animation effects, we are exposed to modern ways of showcasing content to the users which are soothing to their eyes.

These effects turn out to be a game-changer for modern-day websites. With the combination of CSS and JS, scroll animation, animation in charts and graphs, drop-down menus, the hamburger menu is integrated into our wedding planner website templates. In some templates, the user is free to customize the animation effect as per the requirements of their business.

4. Hover effect

These subtle hover effects increase the engagement of the audience on your website. W3layouts’ templates have hover effects applied on buttons, images, popups and other widgets. The hover is a light-weighted script which is practiced purely using HTML5 and CSS knowledge. This effect loads quickly and it is functional on every device. With this technique, you can enlarge or reduce the size of any element, change colors, change the background, creating 2d or 3d hovering effect. These effects are very genial and visible. All these factors generate an immersive experience for the user.

Almost each of our templates has hover animation implemented; pick the best template of your choice which matches your business needs.

5. Popup Windows

The popup designs are used to display some useful information to the user or make any important announcement. The popup appears on loading the website, on any specific page, clicking on a button, and page scroll. W3layouts popups will allow you to increase sales, grow the email list, driving the user to the website and increasing conversion rates.

These templates are used for signing newsletter, product updates, and call-to-action. Our wedding website template is fully responsive and will surely help in achieving business goals. You can showcase your brand with our smart popup.

The other elements to show under popup are contact forms, event highlights, promotional offers, and discounts.

6. Well Organized Image Gallery

Having a photo gallery is extremely crucial in wedding websites. You are not required to be a professional developer to integrate images into your website. W3layouts’ templates are considered ideal for photo and video gallery. The galleries can be designed inside popup, slider, by animation effect.

Here you can display the pictures and videos of prewedding shoots, post-wedding shoots, engagement ceremony, wedding pics, and wedding invitation images. The wedding organizer has the core responsibility to attract their prospective customers in their business. Seeking attention by showing pictures and videos is the best way possible to capture users.

7. Smooth Slider Effect

The slider feature is trending nowadays in modern websites. They occupy less space by displaying maximum information. W3layouts have a varying collection of sliders in the wedding website templates which can be used to show images, videos, and power content. You can see left and right arrows on both the ends of the slider with a little text to give detailed information. It makes the layout look dynamic and fits for single-page applications.

With a basic knowledge of UI elements, you can customize sliders or make few enhancements in the existing ones. They give a radiant look in mobile devices as they come with a soft transition effect.

8. Drag and Drop Customisability

The drag and drop features have enabled even the non-programmers or less technical individuals to customize the template with ease. W3layouts list has a simple drag and drops templates to animated ones. These modules are created with HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery. With our wedding website templates, you can handle image galleries, menus, files, videos, and field default values.

Bootstrap also provides already customized drag and drop which is available to use directly by applying CSS classes and JQuery code. The quick and easy process leads to accomplishing simplicity on the website.

9. Easy Navigation

The navigation widget allows the customers to visit the page they want. It helps us to find content in one click. Our professionals have developed a hierarchy to inform the user about the information flow. The website navigation in our wedding website templates allows people to traverse the website further and make the process comfortable. The even flow from one page to another enhances the user experience.

The navigation defines page load time and site visibility on the web. The website’s appearance is a secondary factor; the quick loading website with simple navigation remains on the top.

10. Multipurpose templates

Our wedding website templates can be used for multi-purposes like photography, wedding planning, gift booking, anniversary party, and wedding invitation. The themes offer a professional and stylish look. Our multi-purpose templates are the top choices among the wedding planners. They simplify the process of website building and appear great on every device. They have out of the box features, SEO optimized, ready to use design and cross-browser compatibility.

The user will have the creative freedom to unlock their potential and enrich their website with custom-made templates.

You can also add sections like relationship advice blogs, eCommerce stores for wedding-related items, latest news and customer feedback.

11. Social Media Buttons

The social media icons can be placed in the header, footer or navigation menu. They bridge the gap between your business and prospective customers. Your business needs presence on social media platforms because it is the place to attract the customers in bulk. The features of these social media icons are clickable, animation effect, and name appearance on tooltip on hovering.

Our wedding website templates have fewer social media sharing icons that are beautifully arranged and kept in different layouts. You are free to add shadow effects, remove or add the border and integrate different designs.

12. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Page

The FAQ page consists of the general inquiries of your business. It is organized by arranging a few common questions and publicly answering them. This page has the potential to improve SEO and make your website credible on the web.

Our wedding website templates allow categorizing the questions which make the format clean and simple. The FAQ section has a title, icons, questions, and answers in different colors and fonts. The answers are displayed and hid with the accordion layout and come with a nice animation. This strategy manages more data in little space.

Another feature is to show the questions and answers in the list layout which does not need any user action to see the complete list. This is manageable for a limited set of questions.


These eye-catching premium and free wedding website templates are perfect for your special day. Our collection is jam-packed with elegant designs.

With a little expertise, you can edit these templates and convert them into a professional-looking website. They are designed with the latest technologies and are an example of the creativity of our team. Build your website using them and help everyone to create memories for a lifetime.