6 tips for branding on social media in 2020

November 23, 2019

Every year, the number of social network users grows. So does the number of potential subscribers for brands that use social networks as an important platform for interacting with customers is increasing. Demand creates supply. Therefore, many people think about how to benefit from such an extensive audience of social networks.

What Is Social Network Branding and Why Is It Needed?

Social network branding is a process associated with increasing recognition and establishing feedback with potential customers. Currently, more than 4 billion people have access to the Internet, and many of them use social networks (sometimes several at once). Such a large public outreach is one of the reasons why branding is worth doing. A branded social page will not only highlight yours against competitors but also make additional profit from the customers.

International companies prefer to purposefully create their own publics and be engaged in their branding in order to attract a new audience and keep an already existing one. The reach of such a public can reach several million users.

Why Should You Maintain a Business Account on Social Networks?

Every year, users’ activity on social networks is only growing. In the morning, before going to bed, during a break at work and even in transport, they are there. It is no longer necessary to leave the house to chat with friends or go to the store to buy clothes. A person spends a significant part of time on social networks, which is why business account owners are advised to:

1.   Create a Platform for Like-Minded People

By creating a company profile on a social network, you will gather people who are united by an interest in your brand. Open comments, give people the opportunity to communicate with each other: a lively dialogue will allow them to exchange views on products. Feedback will tell you what requests your audience has.

2.  Information Sharing

Your subscribers will be the first to know about the release of new products, flash mobs, promotions or any other your initiatives – these will attract interest and increase activity. And the ability to make reposts will allow spreading this information to a large audience.

3.  Search for New Partners

A wide audience reach will attract new investors, business partners, customers or even will find new markets. Thanks to the system of recommendations on social networks, a certain investor may unexpectedly notice you, and a branded page will become your business card, which will help establish contact.

4.  Work on Increasing the Number of Users is a Double Benefit

Those who are interested in your brand will mainly subscribe to your accounts on social networks. This will reduce advertising costs and direct funds right to the development of the brand itself.

5.  Regular Publication of the Unique Content

Unique content will increase the interest of both new and old subscribers, and its regular publication will positively affect the promotion of your resource in search engines.

6.  Partner Promotion

This type of advertising should not be underestimated. It can be either a mutual repost using a public with a large audience or receiving money for posting advertising messages.

Which Social Network to Choose: Advice on Choice

To determine which social network is worth to start your business, you need to understand who is in your target audience and what are its desires. There is no social network that would suit equally well for everyone, due to its fundamental differences in interface, tools, and functionality. For this reason, you need to determine your target audience – when there is a complete understanding, then it will be possible to make the best choice.

If you have something that you can beautifully make a picture of, or with which you can publish short videos – perhaps Instagram is right for you. This social network focuses on the visual component, it is popular both among the female audience (especially!), and the male one.

If we talk about Facebook, then in many developed countries of the world this particular social network is the most extensive and multifunctional. More than 2 billion accounts are registered on this resource, and the average age of the audience is about 30 years. Since this audience is considered to be the most solvent, you can sell your goods, services or enter into transactions in this social network.

Twitter is a more youthful platform where newsfeeds very quickly, and retweets and tweets make this a social network the most effective for establishing feedback from the audience. One of the highlights is the format of “public correspondence”. Many media personalities often engage in dialogue via Twitter, which is often equivalent to self-promotion.

LinkedIn is an ideal place for B2B  business projects. In fact, this is the social network for finding work and projects. Both potential employees and employers are registered there. It has a mass of graduates from various prestigious colleges, and also, among users, there is a high percentage of people with higher education. You can leave your resume on the social network, write to potential employers, and join business interests communities.

How to Properly Design an Account on Social Networks and Why Is It Important?

Have you ever wondered why promotional price tags are predominantly of yellow or red colors? These colors attract our attention well. Accordingly, your brand should also attract attention. And not only attract, but also interest and retain the audience.

The visual part of the design is of particular importance. According to neilpatel studies, due to the increase in the amount of information, people gradually lose their concentration. Therefore, a visual series should be used for easier perception. It is especially important to mention the corporate style because it will distinguish your social network from competitors. Font, color scheme, logo: if everything is well worked out, this will affect work, conversion, and commercial results. You can do the development yourself or look for the help of designers.

In addition, it is important to adapt the content to various social networks (if you work on several at once). If the adaptation is not carried out, then the photos may be cropped or placed incorrectly (videos may also be cropped). If you have problems, you may need the help of a program such as Adobe Illustrator.

Useful Services for the Page Design and Branding

People do not always have an understanding of how to create and visually formulate their idea, and there is often very little of their free time. In such situations, the best solution would be to use:

Logaster. It creates several corporate identity options at once, taking into account all your preferences. The advantage will be a huge selection both in color and variability of style concepts. In this case, you will get the whole identity: from the logo to the branded stationery.

Sprout Social is a service that will help you adapt your images to the format that a particular social network requires without the loss of quality.

Pixabay is a lot of images for various topics that can be used in your publications

Coolors.co helps not only choose the optimal color scheme but also tell how previously used solutions are combined.

Google Fonts allows you to choose the original font to stand out from the competition and to attract the attention and convenience of the audience.


Today, in the age of development and popularization of social networks, branding helps increase audience reach and brings real profit. Thanks to special services, you no longer need to be able to work professionally in a graphical editor or perform other, already unnecessary actions.