Best Pet Templates 

You can create stunning websites with the help of our pet website templates and the best part is that these are free to download. Get creative with these HTML themes and customize them to your liking. We have a range of responsive website templates for you to choose from. 

With a good pet care website template, you can create multiple sites in the animal & pet niche. For example, an online pet store can be a very useful asset for someone who already has a physical pet store. With an animal care website template, you can cater to multiple areas in the same niche.

Animal websites don’t necessarily have to be what it seems like. Let’s have a look at a few points on how you can get creative with our free templates: 

  • Pet Supply Store
    If you own a pet supply store, this can be your thing. Create a beautiful website with bright colors & designs and attract local customers to your store. You could be selling dog food, animal leashes, bird cages and much more through your site. The best part is you can venture into B2B, B2C and D2C kind of business model from a single platform. Use our pet templates to create a stunning website.
  • Animal & Pet eCommerce
    Online sites selling animal supplies have grown in recent years but there’s still a huge untapped potential in this market. You can source rare animal and pet supplies and sell them to your online customers. Even if you have a physical storefront, you can double your sales channel via a site like this. We have created a lot of animal website templates especially for this category which you can download for free.
  • Pet Blogs
    Pet blogs can be a huge hit with the internet audience. There are several blogs on “how to take care of your dog” and the likes, which bring in tons of revenue. This generation especially is very far away from the knowledge of pet and animal care. You can reach millions of people with your blog on pet training, healthy habits, pet care and much more. We have got amazing free templates that will suit a blog kind of site structure as well.

With animal and pet templates, the potential and the options are huge. While you take care of building the website, we have taken care of the design part. 

A closer look at the Animal website templates    

These free animal website templates have been built with HTML & CSS. Some of the salient features are:  

  • Flat & Responsive: 
    These HTML pet templates are built on the Bootstrap framework which makes them fully responsive. Responsive templates can be seamlessly displayed on any screen size or resolution. So, your users can access your store on any device in high resolution. 
  • Modern and Elegant Design: 
    These web themes are made with attention to the minutest of details. The designs are elegant and at par with professional standards. 
  • Font Awesome Icons: 
    These HTML templates come with built-in Font Awesome icons, which are free icons & toolkits, that will make your site look sleek and modern. 
  • Widgets Integration: 
    Smart widgets and nifty features like Google Maps integration, drop-down menus, hover animations, interactive scrolls and much more have been built into these free web themes. 
  • Easy Customization: 
    Customizing W3layouts templates is like cutting a piece of cake. First, use our “Demo” option to see how the templates would look on a live website. Then you can download it and edit it if you’re well versed with HTML & CSS. Alternatively, you can also use our “Edit” option to alter the templates according to your requirements.   

From animal care to pet supplies, we have a website theme for the entire ecosystem of such sites. These were just a handful of features that we elaborated on. Download these free animal and pet website templates and build a stunning website today.