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March 18, 2020

Personal Trainer – Trendy Sports Website Template

A prime requirement for a sports website template is its vivacity apart from basic functions like speed of navigation and content which clearly motivates call to action. The color palette of the Personal Trainer HTML website template makes the content prominent. But it never allows the text to overpower images.

A website is a visual medium. Images should always speak more than words.

Even though the template is meant for sports and fitness related businesses, sprinkles of red over a dark layout gives a corporate and professional feel, increasing its flexibility in terms of application to different industries.

This sports website template can be used for your fitness training centers, online sports accessories store, sportswear brands, yoga and mental wellness blogs, surfing trainers, personal fitness trainers, and many other micro niches related to body and mind.

Widescreen Manual Slideshow Banner

Every business, small or big, has its unique selling points. Put them up in the wide sliding banner and make an impact on the world. The use of powerful and catchy phrases creates a magical impression on the viewers. Make them as creative as possible.

Bold Number Counter

Using the counter, you can keep a count of your satisfied customers and achievements and build trust by showing it to everyone. Instead of using long self-boasting statements about your quality products and services, let the numbers do the talking.

Comprehensive Footer

Footer follows all the best practices that make it the most exploitable part of the template. It has almost all the links that the visitor might be looking for as he is scrolling down the page.

This HTML website template falls in our premium category which means you need not worry about uniformity of design throughout the website. The template comes with a collection of all the pages needed to build a website.

Blog Page

The package includes pages for both blog listings and single blog pages. The listings page has all types of indicators to let your viewers know the popularity of each article. The title image for every blog has zoom-in hover animation and at the right side is a subscription form for the viewers to instantly subscribe to you.

eCommerce Page

When you are selling online, the eCommerce page should not only represent your brand but also makes a lasting impression on your viewers. The page is spacious enough to add high-quality photographs, which for an eCommerce store is most important. Even the font is thicker which can be used to highlight fresh arrivals.

Email Template

The layout of this HTML email template successfully summarizes the essence of the entire template. Following the conventions of a vertical design, the template is eye-friendly that viewers can scan through it quickly without reading. The call to action buttons are prominent which assists in increasing the conversion rate.

FAQ Page

Every customer will have queries before leaving your website. But you may not have enough time to answer all of them. So, listing those common questions in an FAQ page saves time for both you and the visitor. The drop-down for every question makes it easy for visitors to find the right question quickly. And, if he does not find his question, he can shoot one using the form given.

Happy Clients

In the online world, testimonials and recommendations from your previous clients are a crucial tool to build trust amongst your prospective customers. The ‘Happy Clients’ cards are concise enough to fit in the right words to paint a picture in the minds of the readers. The smiling faces of the clients add credibility to the message.

Packages & Pricing

After a pitch-perfect website, an attractive pricing plan will answer the question “how much will it cost me?”. With three different cards, the layout gives options to the visitors and highlights the most preferred plan at the center. Every card has plan features and a ‘Get Started’ button. Want to offer special discounts? You can mention them below the button.

Timeline Page

Visitors can scroll down the vertical timeline widget and quickly glance through. You can either use it in the ‘About Us’ page to tell your ambitious story of establishing your firm or to give an update on the development of your recent projects. The content is made easily readable by displaying them on the alternate side of the timeline.

Contact Form with Timings

Cutaway the bridge between you and users with a contact form. It’s not only a form, instead, it’s a page with all relevant information for the users to reach you. You can type in your address, put in a map with the exact location and mention your work timings. This contact form is concise and easy to fill. You can use this for 150 entries per month!

The complete package comes with a total of 24 pages. You can download them in two different plans. Freedom and Extended. Each plan comes with a specific set of pages (as shown in the table below)

Compare them, discuss with your teammates and make a smart choice.

Download our templates and have fun building your website.

Pages Available :

  • Home
  • About US
  • Services
  • Contact
  • Blog & Blog Single
  • eCommerce & eCommerce Single
  • FAQ Page
  • Team & Team Single
  • Email
  • Error Page
  • Gallery
  • Coming Soon
  • Timeline
  • Search Result Page
  • Template Name: Apt Pro a Sports Category Responsive Web Template.
  • License: Freedom Licence.
  • Compatible Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 10, Opera, etc.
  • Source Files included: HTML files (.html), Style Sheets (.css), Images (.jpg/png/gif), JQuery plugins (.js), Fonts (.ttf).
  • High Resolution: Yes.

Images by Unsplash

Images by Pexels