Features of Premium Website Templates by W3Layouts

The collection of premium website templates from W3Layouts consists of a design that is nothing less than a readymade website. What makes them ready to use right away is the collection of web pages each template contains. Right from the important pages like home, about, contact us, blog, to supporting pages like timeline, eCommerce page, 404 error page, and many others, everything is included in each premium website template.

Each template includes more than 20 HTML web pages. So, once you download a premium template, you will get every type of page needed to manage a website. No more required to browse across other templates.

We have premium templates for real estate, transport and logistics, gym, hotels, corporate, and medical-related businesses. All these themes are designed by our expert developers and designers gifted with awesome imagination and creative ability. The entire user interface with tabs, call-to-action-buttons, is put in place after a thorough research on some successful websites in the niches. So, rarely you will catch an eye on something which needs your intervention.

And, for a matter of fact, if that happens, you can always customize any of these templates in our website builder.

Each template has some great features which make the templates stand out. Let us now look at some of them.

Designed for Mobile Devices

All the pages included in the templates adjust themselves according to the screen size. They are coded for smooth responsiveness. So, no need for any extra care when it comes to using your website on mobile devices. Each feature and widget change its orientation based on the device. For instance, if the pricing plans have four cards, in the desktop version you will see all of them on the screen, but the mobile version will show you only one and you have slide across through to the next card. Check it out here.

Special Landing Pages apart from Home Page

The landing page can turn out to be your biggest conversion factor when designed smartly. After the visitors are impressed by your landing page, you can take them to your home page. Our premium templates have well-organized landing pages that support high-quality images and different types of widgets. If you want users to go to a specific page from here, you can keep a button at the top header allowing the users to click it.

Email Templates Designed with Grids

Out of the many pages included, each premium website template contains an email template to help with your aggressive email marketing campaign. Just like the whole website templates, email pages are also designed comprehensively. They have all the right information in the form of grids that you can edit. CTA buttons can be made use to increase the engagement ratio by announcing attractive discounts, sales, or coupons.

Accordion based FAQ Pages

Managing large content in a limited space is always a challenge web designers face. One of the most optimum ways of doing it is accordion. It like a dropdown drawer attached to a text box. Almost all the FAQ pages in our premium website templates have this kind of accordion. When a user is looking for answers, it is time-saving for him to find it through the accordion. He can click on a specific question to read the answer instead of scrolling through the page. You can check one here.

Coming Soon Pages with Attractive Counters

The coming soon pages help you to keep your visitors engaged when your website is under construction or you are launching a new product. The coming soon pages in our premium website templates have counter numbered in an attractive font and notification subscription form. They also have a home page button to take the users to the home page. You can also add a short catchy text and entice the audience to bookmark the page and come back later.

Teams Section with Details of Team Members

Pages in the team section include a section to show the team members with their name and designation, as well as a full-page assigned to a team member where you can add a short bio about him/her. The full-page also has CTA buttons and social media links. Like mentioned earlier, downloading a premium website template from W3Layouts will give you a readymade website. You just need to make some changes to the text and images.


These are only a few highlighting features mentioned. Our premium website templates have many interesting features and widgets. You can be rest assured that with the templates from w3layouts, your website will churn out into the most professional and engaging.

The premium templates are not available for free download. They come in two versions. Freedom and Extended. But the price you pay for them is far less compared to hiring a web designer and building your own website from scratch.

We have already done the brainstorming part and our designers have developed the templates. You need to only download and put it to use. Take your business online within a matter of minutes.

How to download our premium website template?

Downloading these templates is super easy. It is as easy as slicing butter. Every template page has a ‘view demo’ button after clicking which you will be taken to the template. On the top header, you will find a download button.

If you get stuck during the process, refer to this article here and follow the steps given.


Music is a premium website template for music companies, recording studios, event management companies, bands, and individual musicians. The template has 24 HTML pages. The home page has a parallax effect, animated text at the banner, and rectangular grids. With gradient colored strips, the template fits a casual looking design in a formal traditional structure. The template has an eCommerce page, email template, innovative history widget, news section, timeline page, coming soon page, and others.


Wisdom is a premium website template for schools, colleges, universities and other education-related service providers. Big fonts are the highlight of this template. It has a wide CSS banner with spring animation and calls to action buttons. The template includes 21 HTML pages like eCommerce page, email template, blog page, search results, what people say, coming soon, popular courses. There is also a language selection box at the bottom facilitating the audiences from across the world. This premium website template is complete with all its pages and widgets.


Landform is an agriculture premium website template designed for agriculture related businesses. It includes 20 HTML web pages built with HTML5 and CSS3. The color palette has mostly green based colors indicating the freshness of farms and cultivations. The template has CSS banner slider that allows you to add selling point of your business or products. The comprehensive footer helps in quick navigation. The pages in this premium website template include about us, ecommerce, sign in, email template, pricing and timeline page.

Living Decor

Living Decor is an interior design premium website template with a professional look accentuated by unique hover animations. This template has 22 HTML pages which include perfect iconography, widgets, and other features embedded with hover animations. The pages included in this website template are Home, About, Services, Services single, Team, Team single, Portfolio, Portfolio single, Blog, Blog single, Sign in, Sign up, Faq, Timeline, 404, Coming soon, Email template, Search results, Ecommerce, Ecommerce single, Ecommerce cart, Contact.

HR Crew

HR Crew is a human resource premium website template with a fully responsive layout. It is built with pure CSS layout. There is no use of the bootstrap framework. It comes with more than 20 HTML pages with a clean and professional design which are cross-compatible with all the browsers. The cards are arranged with the CSS grid layout. With the latest blogs, candidate details, email template, employer details, featured jobs, timeline page, and other pages and widgets, it is a complete template decorated with attractive images.


Placidity charity organization premium website template is built with a combination of contrasting colors and sprinkles of cyan. This HTML website template has 22 web pages that include email template, 404 pages, eCommerce page, blog page, about us page, search results page, activity status, and many others. Even though you may not need to, but it is easy to customize and has niche-specific font awesome icons. With smooth transitions effects, the template is also cross-browser compatible. CSS responsive navigation gives a great user experience.


Hoster premium web hosting website template is designed for web hosting companies which are start-ups as well as established ones. It comes in a bundle of 25 HTML pages custom designed only for web hosting services. The pages include domain transfer, order your domain, dedicated hosting features, blog page, email template, pricing page, support page, timeline page, and others. The template has a lightweight CSS design and the pages can be navigated with submenu dropdowns.

Shot Pic

Shot Pic premium photo gallery website template is perfect for either an independent photographer or a fully-fledged photo studio. This responsive template is not built on bootstrap framework. Instead, it is entirely built with CSS3 which makes it super light and suitable for supporting high-resolution images. The package consists of 23 HTML pages which include email template, search results page, home page, eCommerce page, blog page, gallery page, pricing page, login page amongst many others. These pages make this HTML website template a comprehensive one without needing any customization.


Tenant is a premium real estate website template with a fully responsive layout. It comes with more than 19 HTML pages and has amazing cross-compatibility with browsers. It has an informative header hosting your top priority business contacts. You will have a nice space to add all property listing using the CSS grid layout. Some of the pages it comprises are email template, pricing plan, login page, FAQ page, search page, coming soon page, timeline page, properties page. With this premium real estate website template, take your property business to new heights.

Global Transport

Global Transport is a premium travel website template for transportation, freight, cargo, trucking, car renting and automobile companies. This HTML template is specially designed for mobile apps and comes with a predesigned set of necessary pages like appointment form, landing page, sign in & sign up, FAQ page, eCommerce page, pricing table, timeline page, blog page, and many others. You can also adopt it for desktops as well. With this premium website template, build an engaging interface for your app in minutes.

Apt Pro

The color palette of Personal Trainer HTML sports website template for fitness training centers, online sports accessories store, sportswear brands, yoga and mental wellness blogs, surfing trainers, personal fitness trainers, and many other micro niches related to body and mind. The template comes with a collection of all the pages needed to build a website and hence you need not worry about the uniformity of your website look. This sports website template comprises of Blog page, ecommerce page, email template, FAQ page, Testimonials, Pricing page, timeline page, contact form amongst many others.


‘Travelling’ is a premium travel website template for travel agencies, adventure parks, tourism companies, holiday and vacation planners, tour operator, cruise companies, outdoor trip organizers, trekking and mountaineering groups, traveling event organizers, and everyone who are into travel related businesses. With attractive spring animation in the carousel slideshow, it is lightweight and supports high resolution pictures. The template includes 21 pages with eCommerce, email template, 404 page, FAQs page, pricing page, timeline widget, coming soon, many others.


Franchisor is bold, vivid and one of the most optimized websites templates for a corporate business start-up. The layout is smartly designed with a concise structure and delicate color palette consisting of white, blue, grey and a tinge of black. At instances, there are wide images overlaid by text. This style of design helps you to put your highlights immediately in front of your visitors. The template comes with an exhaustive set of supporting pages like an email template, ecommerce page, timeline, analytics, countdown page to name a few.