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After mulling over a bunch of ideas, you have decided that you want to cash in on the e-commerce market by building your own online store. You named your brand, designed a logo, planned the marketing strategy and time has come to approach the online retailers.

Now you need an eCommerce website that is eye-friendly, user-friendly and also technologically advanced. And, you need it right now!!

Don’t worry! Our Ecommerce website templates will come to your rescue. With the help of our templates, the online shopping experience of your customers will be smooth and easy. Our templates are also mobile-friendly so that your eCommerce platform can be used on mobile phones.

You can easily link the payment gateways to your website which makes the buying and selling effortless. And with this, your eCommerce store will never stay behind in the race of online businesses and mobile commerce.

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Building an eCommerce website is a tedious process. If you have just started out with your eCommerce store, you already know how time-consuming it is. You have to read a dozen reviews and comparisons for choosing your favorite eCommerce platform, you have to look for a perfect domain name, design, and more. But, for every problem, there is a solution. Our free eCommerce website templates will simplify your website building process. You can now design your website all by yourself. These eCommerce templates are nothing less than a website designed by a professional web designer. Using these will certainly save a lot of time and money for you.

What is eCommerce?

Just like the name says, eCommerce is the commerce done electronically. It involves buying and selling of all types of commodities over the internet. It is not mandatory that financial transactions must be carried out electronically.

But, the display of goods, or services from the seller and the choice of buying by the consumer is made online.

Even though the consumers cannot physically touch and feel the product, eCommerce has been the preferred way of doing business only because of the wide variety of choices and heavy discounts it offers. It has been predicted that the eCommerce industry will be worth 24.3$ by 2025.

When did eCommerce begin?

Reports say that the first online transaction was made in 1972 by Stanford University students through Arpanet. But, the first incident of online shopping was seen in 1992, when the internet was made open for commercial use.

The transaction was between two entrepreneur friends sharing a sting CD, celebrating the moment which began a new era in the world of communication.

What are eCommerce websites?

The online platform over which the commercial transactions take place is called an eCommerce website. The commodities are put on display over the website and the consumers make their choice, enter the delivery address and do the further proceedings.

Ecommerce companies put their best efforts into making their website as navigation friendly as possible. Making it super easy for consumers to find whatever they want on your website is one of the secrets of eCommerce marketing.

How to build a website for eCommerce?

There are two ways to build an eCommerce website.

You can either build the entire website by yourself or use a platform like Shopify, woo commerce, or large commerce to build it.

Each alternative comes with its benefits. Taking complete ownership of your website gives you a lot of freedom to add or remove features by paying a nominal fee to a developer.

Using an eCommerce platform makes the tedious task easy and quite affordable at the cost of restricting your freedom.

For those who wish to build their eCommerce website without the help of a platform, they can directly buy a domain.

A domain is the web address of your online eCommerce store, like

When using an eCommerce platform, you need to open a free account on any of them and buy a domain using your account.

Things to pay attention while buying a domain name,

  1. The preferable character length of the domain is between 6 to 14. This makes it short enough to remember and type in the address bar
  2. Avoid using words that may lead to any confusion. For example, night – knight, know – no.
  3. Choose a name that creates curiosity. It should invite anyone to check out the website at least once.
  4. Be unique in the choice of name. Don’t go with the name like an already existing one.
  5. Before you choose a name, check if it is already taken on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

After you purchase a domain, you can use different themes given on the eCommerce platforms to build your website. You can even customize them according to your needs.

But, if you are not using an eCommerce website building platform, then you must hire a developer and discuss with him about your design.

This may be a bit expensive, but it also gives you flexibility.

If you cannot afford the developer fees, you can also opt for a third option. You can design your website using our free eCommerce website templates. We also have our website editor to help you make changes to these website templates.

Our eCommerce website templates are built using advanced technology which can support any device. Due to their high responsiveness, they can be navigated smoothly on any device around the world.

And you can avail of all these benefits for free! There are also paid versions of these templates which will give you access to additional features.

We have created the free templates only for those who are just starting.

You can read about how to download an eCommerce website template here.

Write Kickass Product Descriptions

There is only one medium for you to convince your customers to click on the ‘buy now’ button. It’s the product description.

The difference between a good product description and a bad one is the same as the difference between a good shopkeeper and a bad one. The good one just manages to convince you to buy the product.

To write a convincing product description, you need to consider s few things.

  • Understand the USP of your product

Every product has one feature that makes it unique. You need to understand it and present to your audience in a way that this feature can change their life. While writing about it, first you be convinced. If the feature is not enticing enough for you, your lack of confidence will be shown in the content you write.

  • Adjust the Tone

The tone you are adopting depends on the type of market. If you are selling fashion apparel, the choice of words is more vibrant and trendier. But, if you are selling car accessories, you must. Talk about technical specifications and the language is rooted. But one thing you must remember that irrespective of the tone, the description should be easily understandable. Never use an over-the-top vocabulary.

  • Make it Readable

Don’t write a chunk of the big paragraph. It will turn off your audience.

Through product description, you are talking to your audience. So, you need to add necessary pauses and make it more conversational.

Use bullet points, write salient features separately and mention what will be included in the product package.

Design it such that they can easily scan through it without reading every detail.

  • Use Power Words

‘Eye-opening’ ‘Breathtaking’ ‘Conquer’ ‘Jaw-dropping’ ‘Uplifting’

What happened when you read these words? Didn’t they naturally evoke an emotional response within you?

All these words mentioned are power words. Using them at the right place in your product description increases your chances of conversion, especially when you are announcing festive discounts or lucky draws.

  • Optimize for Search Engines

You are not the only one with an eCommerce store in the world. Thousands of competitors are already doing well in this business and you need to crack open your way through them. So, your entire website should be optimized for search engine algorithms. And your product description is a part of it.

Before you write content, do some research on the keywords to be used.

To know more about SEO, read this

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The best collection of eCommerce website templates is here on w3layouts.

We have 100+ eCommerce website templates, all build using HTML and Bootstrap. Almost every template encompasses a blog page, which you can use to promote products and the latest trends. You can also write review articles to guide your users and help them know more about any product.

Some of the templates are also customizable. You can use the website editor and play around with the designs. You don’t need to have any knowledge of coding. Editing a template in our website builder includes only drag and drop operations.

You can read more about it in this article.

The Ultimate Guide to Website Builder

If you need help in the procedure of downloading an eCommerce website template for our website, you can go through this article.

How To Download A Template from W3Layouts

We have eCommerce website templates in different categories

Ecommerce has penetrated every business across the world. The simple reason for such popularity is that it always keeps customer satisfaction as a priority.

Any eCommerce website you visit, the ratings, reviews, and a number of sales are visible to the visitors. There is a lot of transparency in this way of doing business.

No matter what kind of eCommerce business you are venturing into, we have templates for all the categories. Some of the popular categories on our website are

After you click on these links, you will also get recommendations for more eCommerce website templates on the right side of your page. Don’t forget to check them out.

Even though these templates are specially designed for the eCommerce category, they are flexible enough to be used anywhere you want. The fluidity of our templates allows you to implement your creativity in the best possible way.

So, there is no need to restrict yourself as you are browsing through the templates. Keep your minds open!