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When customers open your website, there can be two types of experiences. Glossy animations, harmonious transitions, stylish sidebars, and background. Or Rigid windows like those of the 90’s, and the error messages appearing like a C program warning. In the latter case, you are literally asking your customers to run away from your site!

Never do this!

The difference is due to the quality of the web elements you use in your site. The most general web elements are Sign up Form, Login Form, Coming Soon Page, Calendar Widgets, Headers, Footer, Pricing Tables, Shopping Carts, etc.

Detailing each element can make your website attractive and compel the visitors to stay for a longer duration.

And, you need not spend time in designing these elements out of nothing. We have more than 1000 pre-designed templates for different types of web elements. They can go with any type of business across the world.

In case you don’t find the right fit, you can always customize any template. For some templates, you can also use our website builder to customize.

Browse through our amazing collection of web elements templates and make a wise choice. These templates come in Starter (free) and Liberty (paid) plans.

Different Types of Web Elements from W3Layouts only for you.

Usually designed with HTML5 and CSS3, the featured web elements of W3layouts allow even the non-professionals to develop a reasonable website.

These elements together take part in building a great website interface which is SEO-ready and adjust to every device irrespective of their screen resolution. W3layouts have every type of web element from the image gallery to animation effects and a login form to video players.

The pages can be enhanced with little or no customization. The web pages render quickly and thoroughly designed by following all the W3C standards.

Let us check the most searched widgets and features from our awesome collection of web elements templates.

404 page


You can take a demo of this here.

The error 404 pages are different from the traditional ones. The ones on w3layouts.com contain a search bar, social media buttons, and copyright notice. They have a distinctive appearance along with the error message displayed.

Such web elements are decorated with creative ideas to give a bright and clear look & feel to the website.

The page is mandatory for every template when the pages are unable to load due to internal or server error.

Sign up form

Take a demo of this template here.

Before proceeding with any website, it asks for one-time registration. W3layouts’ registration form consists of a name, email, password field, checkbox, and a ‘create an account’ button. The fields in sign-up form may vary depending upon the website’s requirement.

The form is designed with HTML5 and CSS3. It is significant to have the form to avoid unauthorized people from accessing the website and to track the records of web users.

Calculator widget

Featured Image

The calculator widget fits well for an e-commerce website, educational website, or business website. These web element widgets are highly responsive and allow users to get accurate results instantly.

The feature is ready-to-use, SEO optimized, and possesses fast loading speed.

Timeline page


Check out the full design here.

The timeline widget informs about the events, highlights important dates, meetings, and sets agendas. Such web elements are significant for business websites, educational websites, and event websites.

You can use multiple colors to customize and highlight every element. The descriptive layouts are simultaneously arranged on both the sides of the vertical line and a bullet to highlight each wrapper. The timelines have custom layouts, possess responsiveness, and operate well on all web browsers.

Coming Soon Page


You can take a demo of this page here.

The coming soon page makes your intact presence in the online world and informs the subscribers about coming soon pages and new projects. The countdown timer keeps track of the time remaining for the new launch and updates.

The coming soon page has a subscription bar which passes the latest updates through email and prepares them for the launch. The approach gets you fresh leads and brings your website in the notice to your clients and users.

Login Form

desk login form

Check it out here.

The login form is centrally aligned with fields such as ‘username’, ‘password’, and the CTA button. The login form becomes active after you sign-up with the website. The login forms are simple, elegant, and have transparent fields. The forms are purely maintained through HTML5 and CSS3.
Such web elements are the main aspect of both business and personal websites. They are the building blocks of any website and ensure the quality and professionalism of your site.

Pricing Plan


Check out the whole page here.

The pricing plan snippets are divided into three columns in different colors where each layout showcases varying plans. Every column has a different description with a CTA button. The pricing page is engaging, informative, and offers a quick call to action to users.

They generate clicks and maximize the profit with regular reach and sale to the customers. The industry leaders use such widgets to inform about the products and services and encourage purchasing them.

Hover Overlay Effects

Featured Image

Check them out here.

The hover overlay effects are accomplished purely through CSS3. The impressive animated elements show their behavior on hover on each layout. These small features give life to web features and engage the audience.

Such web elements have clear code and few customizations can be done if you possess little designing experience.

Item Order Form

You can take a demo of this interactive form here.

The fields in the item order form are name, email, phone, address and order type, name, and quantity. The item order takes your sales process to another level which ultimately boosts your business. To bring out the excitement in the customers, the developer can add a payment gateway option.

The web element drops paperwork and emerges as a fast way to sell your products online. The fields can be removed or added depending on the distinctive needs of the website.

Registration Form

Check out the whole page here.

The required fields in the registration form are name, email, phone number, address, and message and ‘register’ button.

Most of the forms have a transparent layout where the background image can be seen. The other potential fields which are already filled are date, time, address, and map location.

The registration fields should not be more than required, it may annoy the users. Asking for unnecessary details may also increase your load and will keep people away from visiting your website.

Contact Form

bright contact form

Check out the form here.

This web element has a unique layout from other features. On hovering each field, the label shifts to the left with a color transformation. Such widgets allow the users to get in touch with you in case of any query or assistance.

The forms are responsive and a standard way to reach out to potential customers.


In the above article, we came across the comprehensive features that balance across all the web browsers and form an exceptional user interface.

You are free to mold the customizable elements in any shape which suits your website theme and assist in engaging the audience. The web elements are exclusively designed with HTML5, CSS3, JQuery plugins, and Bootstrap. Such the latest web features maintain your website up to date with stylish designs and layouts.

Our templates are available in both free and premium versions. Click here and follow the steps to download the free elements for web design from our outstanding collection.