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Free Home Maintenance & Service Website Templates

Who doesn’t like to have a fancy home?

But people nowadays are so busy that they can only dream of having a well maintained home. And, they are desperately looking for affordable home maintenance services.

With such a high demand for renovation, plumbing, electric wiring, kitchen maintenance, and cleaning services, or a mobile home maintenance company, a website for your business becomes mandatory. And, it does not take huge money or time to build a website. You can download a template here and get going. Our home maintenance services website templates will make your website design process fun!

All our templates are appealing and stand on a strong technical foundation. They are supported by HTML, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. Even though there is no customization needed, their fluid nature gives you enough freedom to change the look and style according to your service.

So, take your time and check every detail of the templates before you download them.

Designing the website and setting its place in the online world is the initial step towards building your business. W3layouts’ website templates successfully match your brand needs and deliver your services to its customers online. The templates are retina-friendly, cross-browser compatible, and possess a fast-loading capacity. The features are proficient enough to pull the traffic and advertise the business.

Let us check the best features and widgets from our collection of home maintenance website templates.


The drop-down menus are effectively designed to represent the different dimensions of hierarchy. When a user hovers on the parent menu, the navigational submenus become visible. On clicking the sub-navigation menu, it takes the user to a different page. This feature is effective when you have many menu elements, which are difficult to show in a single bar.

The sub-menus in home maintenance website templates become active on hover and the color and background color changes to show activeness.


In an organization, people behind the success are equally important. These groups of people together constitute the team. Our team section is represented in individual cards that comprise their image, name, designation, descriptions, and social sharing buttons. If you have a large team, you can represent them within the carousel.

The team is an important aspect of the home maintenance website templates which add value to the site and build trust among the visitors.

Animated Text

Animated effects always spice up your website, be it animated images, animated backgrounds, or animated text. Our templates have several animated effects such as hover animation effects, transition animation, and loading animation.

Our home maintenance website templates have text animation along with the sliding of the background image. Check it out here. Such effects can be solely produced through HTML5 and CSS3. They provide a vibrant and gorgeous look to the website. These 3D effects always remain interesting and attention-grabbing for the audience.


We always recommend showcasing your services with their price to the customers. This allows the customers to select the best services which fit their needs and budget. The pricing plan improves your sales and increases the conversion rate for your business.

Our home maintenance website templates allow you to make the decision before purchasing our plans. This section in our templates is very simple, you can add animated or transition effects and arrange in separate columns or cards.


The counters can have multi-purpose uses such as to represent unique visitors count, sale, and purchase of your services, and the number of permanent clients. These analytics on the website keep track of the traffic and the audience’s interests. These statistics pour confidence among the customers which ultimately leads to the popularity of your website.

The data counter blocks in home maintenance website templates are arranged in separate cards which are arranged in a row. You are free to add the images or icons along with the data counts.


The footer is always the most ignored element of the website. Though the footers get the minimum attention, they are a significant part of the site performance. The external links that take the visitor to a different page which make a huge impact on search engine rankings.

The pre-footer consists of social sharing icons, navigational links, clickable images, and brief description. The other elements to add in the footer are maps, company name and logo, and CTA buttons.

Circular Progress Charts

When data is represented visually, it gains more clarity. W3layouts templates display data that gives a fair representation of statistics. The purpose of data representation is to present complicated information in little space. These charts are responsive, the best way to convey information and trends representation. W3layouts’ website templates have circular progress charts where the audience can easily understand and analyze the dimensions.

The number is represented in percentage form and placed in the center of the circle.

You can change the color, fonts, and data positioning according to your website theme.

Lightbox Gallery

Rarely you might have come across any website that has no images. The gallery deserves a dedicated and remarkable presentation on the website. Our templates already have the light-box plugins installed which are easy to interact and customize.

In our home maintenance website templates, the complete background becomes dark and the images open in a pop-up that has navigation inside it. On hover, you can view their title and description. They enhance the user experience and save time to address every image individually. Check them here.

Search Bar

If your website has several numbers of items, you cannot represent them in a single page. Entering the related keywords in the search box provides the user with the information they are looking for. It provides easy access to the invisible elements on countless pages.

To make the process easy, a search box is embedded which can make a big impression even on the simple website. It facilitates the crawling and indexing of the website in the search engines. Check it out here.

Services Form

The form consists of name, email, contact number, text area for address, services in the dropdown field, and submit button. The website owner facilitated the form to collect user information and their required services.

W3layouts’ home maintenance website templates help in the lead generation which can later be used for marketing. You must hire a professional developer to integrate the form with the API. Such forms establish a cordial relation with the clients and render a positive experience to them.


The features and elements emphasize the significance of the templates. A large chunk of the audience looks for the best features before making a purchasing decision. Every feature in our templates helps you to build a strong online presence and establish the business world-wide.

Our templates drive the audience to generate interest in your brand and the services you impart.

Our templates are available in both free and premium versions. To know how to download them, go through this article here.