How Video Can Improve Conversion Rates on eCommerce Websites

December 7, 2021

There’s no question that video marketing is an effective way to capture attention. Videos are recalled and shared more than text-based content. And they generate 10x more engagement with your brand.  

But do videos really help your bottom line? And are they worth the cost to produce?  

According to most marketers, the answer is yes. According to Unbounce, a customer who views a video on your site is 174% more likely to make a purchase.  

70% of marketers say that video is the king of content and that it leads to more conversions compared to all other types of messaging.  

Taking advantage of video to increase conversions isn’t as hard as you think. In this article, we’ll explain why video content can lead to a massive conversion boost. You will also learn some new tricks for producing quick and affordable videos that engage your target.  

How Video Boosts Your eCommerce Conversions 

These are just a few reasons why adding video content to your site can massively boost conversions. 

Videos Increase Search Traffic 

Maybe the most enticing reason to add a video to your site is that it increases search traffic by around 41%. Why is that? 

There are two reasons: Google loves video, and customers love video.  

By adding a simple video to your landing page, you get bonus points with Google’s algorithm, which is likely to rank you higher in the SERPs. You will also enjoy more on-page time from your existing traffic, boosting your ranking even further. 

Just imagine, you could add a simple explainer video, or an ad made with stock video to your homepage today and benefit from a one-two SEO traffic-boosting punch. 

Videos Boost Shopper Confidence and Trust 

Seeing is believing. No matter how good special effects and deepfakes get, people still trust what they see with their eyes more than what they read on the page. In fact, 58% of consumers trust sites with video content more than sites without. 

When shoppers’ trust increases in your brand, they have more confidence in your product. This leads to more conversions. 

Think about it. Say you’re shopping for two similar pairs of shoes on two different sites. One site has a video of their shoes in action while the other only has static images. The video content gives you a better look at the shoes and more confidence in your decision, which is more likely to lead to sale. 

Adding this extra bit of trust and information is especially important for high-ticket items. A study of electronics eCommerce sites like Best Buy and Newegg found that adding video increased the average order value by around 50%. The more pages had video content; the more conversions increased.  

Videos Provide a ‘Tactile’ Experience  

Videos engage far more of your senses than text and images. For many industries, especially the fashion and retail clothing industry, this is incredibly important. Being able to feel fabric and see how it reacts to touch and movement is critical to shoppers. This is one reason why brick-and-mortar clothing stores are still so popular.  

Fashion marketers that add high-quality videos to their sites can give their customers a deeper sensory experience. This may boost clothing sales by as much as 100%

Videos Reduce Remorse 

Along with boosting buyer confidence before a sale, video content also reduces buyer remorse after a sale. When a viewer is better informed, they are less likely to be surprised when the product arrives in the mail.  

57% of shoppers find that their expectations are better met when they receive a product after watching video content. They are also less likely to return a product or make a complaint.  

For eCommerce sellers, accurately portraying products is key to getting positive reviews, boosting engagement, and retaining customers.  

How to Get Video Content on Your Landing Page in Days  

Ready to add video content to your eCommerce site? Here are a few quick ways to do it. 

  1. Repurpose ads: Do you have video ads that you’ve posted on Facebook or IG? Add them to relevant pages on your site to boost their ROI.  
  1. Use stock video: There are millions of stock videos, many now in 4K, that are available for free or for a low price. Edit them, insert text or voice, and add some royalty free music – now you’ve got a professional ad made in hours for the price of a steak dinner.  
  1. User-generated content: Run a promo or a contest and ask your users to submit videos of them using your products. Splice the best ones into a video.  
  1. A simple explainer or how-to: All you need is a phone or a computer to do a quick screen-share explainer or a how-to regarding your product. These can be really effective for more complex products like power tools, software, and electronics.   
  1. Make a slideshow: Add existing images to a slideshow with some music to make your static images more engaging. This is a barebones option, but it’s better than nothing. It’s best used as a placeholder until you can make a real video.  

The More Video Content, the Better   

If you don’t have video content on your site, now is the time to add some. Start with videos on your homepage and landing pages—those alone have been shown to boost conversions by up to 80%.  

The more videos you have on your site, the more conversions you’ll see. An investment in video marketing is an investment in the long-term growth of your brand.