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Free Industrial Website Templates

For a factory, workshop, or a construction company, providing excellent services is the priority. But, if you want to grow, you must let the world know about your business. You need to shout out loud, of course…… without sounding too desperate.

These types of businesses mainly run on B2B clients. And, if you have cracked a few of them through your contacts, congratulations! But, building a website and going online opens you to a new world.

Under this category, we have more than 119 website templates that are developed in such a way that even beginners can build a website with only clicks and drags. The industries covered are petroleum refinery, commodity business, steel, oil and gas, cargo manufacturing, machine maintenance, foundries, machining workshops, and others.

All these website templates are free, responsive, and backed by HTML, CSS3, and Bootstrap.

Build an approachable website by downloading one of these templates and sell your industrial services.

Features of Industrial Website Templates from W3Layouts

Our industrial website templates are particularly designed for various sectors like the manufacturing industry, the wind power industry, solar energy, and wood industry. These templates have a completely responsive layout. They fit thoroughly on screens of different resolutions from desktop to tablets, iPhones, and iPads.

The features are designed with HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, and Bootstrap. Through the clean code and well-designed layout, you can get the desired look for your website. We have eye-catchy frames and designs which will alleviate your website look and magnify the features through customization.

Let us check the features and widgets from our best collection of industrial website templates.

Page Not found

The simple and creative error page has an artistic touch. Even though there is a ‘page not found’ text on it, in some templates you are free to change the message. If your website is still in the development phase, the page not found is a must-have. Though our industrial website templates already have a modern design, you can still choose to customize as per your requirements.

They have a ‘go-to home’ button to navigate back to the home page. You can also link them to any page on your website. These buttons reduce the bounce rate and increase the number of visitors.

Tags List

The tags list consists of a clickable bunch of keywords. When you click on any of these tags, all those target pages will be displayed which consist of those keywords. The tags are arranged in inline boxes, where the background color changes on hover. These features are good for SEO purposes and improve the search engine rankings.

They enhance the visual impact of the template. Our templates load fast and return the search results at a faster rate.

Animated Search Bar

The animated search bar is designed with HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery to make functionally smooth. The engaging search bar increases the conversion rate. The search bar in W3layouts’ industrial website templates has a small search icon, which expands on click.

The bar closes on clicking on the same search icon again. They have some text written on the search bar ‘enter your search item’. You can check it out here.


Our industrial website templates provide you with plenty of customizable features, the logo item is one of them. The logo is placed either on the left, right or center of the website. In some templates, you can choose to change its position. We have placed a temporary logo on every template. You can replace it with the logo of your website.

Our templates have a special feature where the logo appears through animation on loading the website. Both our single and multipage templates have a logo widget.

Gallery with Tabs

The gallery is showcased in tabs, this makes easier for the user to switch from one dimension to another. On hovering each image the background color of the box changes and a search icon occurs with little text. The height of the whole section automatically adjusts according to the number of elements and the size of the screen.

These tabs improve the visual features of our industrial website templates. They allow better content management on both mobile and desktop. It is easy to arrange all the relatable content together with these tabs.


Hamburger is primarily used in mobile applications, but they also appear fancy on desktop applications. In our industrial website templates, the navigation bar appears on top, which has a cross button to close. The hamburger menu saves space on the website and provides a better user experience.

The icon is placed on the top left corner of the template. You can change the icon and its position. Its UI is clear and allows direct navigation to other pages. Check it out here.

Dark Theme

The dark themes have the same features as the light ones. The dark themes are equally in demand and are used for personal or business websites. They have a clean code, suitable for SEO and possess a responsive layout.

Our collection has these dark themes of industrial website templates that are available for free download. They have mostly dark colors such as black, brown or grey, and text written with white or any light color.

Vertical Scrolling widget

The vertical scrolling is used for news display or any dynamic content. The vertical scroll concept is for those who are looking for unique features or creativity on your website. Check it out here. Our highly professional developers have enabled such features which offer lots of customizations.

You can manage the speed of scrolling, data to display, height and width of scrolling layout. The themes are quite simple to manage. With minimal or zero coding knowledge, you can insert custom-made features.

Menus with icons

The menus in the header have icons along with the text. These menus are separated with a dotted border. On hover, the background color of the box changes. The icons allow users to find easily the content they are looking for.

Our good-looking website templates enhance the user experience, increase page views which in turn increases the profit from your business. Such templates work well for all types of visitors on the website.

Single Page Layout

The single page websites can be viewed with ease from all devices. Our single page industrial website templates have a professional design, cross-browser compatibility, and some of them are fully customizable.

They have a full-screen header, registration form, fixed hamburger menu, and map integration. The dynamic effects are created with the Javascript plugin. Our single page templates have a stunning layout, call-to-action-buttons and engaging interface. Such a template leaves a long-lasting impression on the clients.

Check out one of the single page templates here.


Here we have checked the compilation of the templates which are loaded with impressive characteristics. They will perfectly fulfill your personal and professional requirements. W3layouts has an excellent selection of fonts, hover and transition effects. You are free to play with these features and provide your website with a unique look. To expand your business and reach the market world-wide, bringing your business online is the most significant job.

Our website templates are available in both free and premium versions. Click on the link here to know the steps to download free industrial company website templates for your website.