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19 Free Web Hosting Website Templates

When it comes to a hosting company website, there are a few things which play a crucial role. One is the technology behind the website, other is the appearance which comprises of layout, color and typography. When your customers are on your site to buy domains and hosting services, the content on the site should be easily readable and the payment buttons should be securely linked to the gateways.

Considering all these things, our team of developers and designers have built these professional web hosting website templates. Three technologies have been used to bring them to life. HTML gives them stable structuring, CSS makes them appealing to the eyes and Bootstrap makes them responsive. The website will automatically adjust its content on any screen size.

Browse through these templates and push your online presence to new heights. Help big companies to remain focused on their business by taking care of their website through your hosting services.

Have fun building your website!

Features and Widgets of Web Hosting Website Templates from W3Layouts

Web Hosting is one of those essential things which determine the success of the website. Such templates are significant to provide space in the server and establish your presence in the online world.

Our templates highlight the best features such as pricing plans, login form, registration form, testimonials, and CTA buttons. Such basic widgets give a strong appearance and make your website engaging.

W3layouts web hosting website templates ensure to build a professional website and get recognized over the internet world-wide.

Below listed are some of the best widgets and features from our awesome collection of web hosting website templates.

Icons and Typography

Check out this template here.

Icons and typography provide a variety of icons, headings, size, buttons, progress bars, alerts, and pagination.

We give our clients a wide range of options to select the most suitable code and icons for their business.

We facilitate such information so that the users do not need to look for information outside. The typography will give you a general idea about font choices, styles, and color combination for your website.


Check out the website template here.

These tags are the keywords that have information related to your website. They describe the website content and inform search engines about your website’s intent. They are responsible for advertising products and drive traffic to the website. The keywords are placed in separate boxes. On hover and click its color changes and take you to the respective page.

The potential customer of web hosting website templates enters the related keywords to find your website and raises your presence on search engines.

Scroll to the Top Button

The scroll to the top button is a simple upward arrow in the image. On click, it directly moves you to the top of the page. The simple click button is placed on the lower right corner of the page which eases navigation.

The button becomes visible once the user begins scrolling downwards.

The feature is quick to load as it has a very lightweight code. It is designed through HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery.


Check out the whole page here.

The blog page has a full-screen header image and description. The other highlighting features are the date of posting, likes, and comments on top and social sharing buttons at the bottom. It also has a comment posting form.

A blog section possesses a great significance in web hosting website templates as the author can show the purchase and implementation tips for web hosting. The blog page has a full-screen grid where the font type, size, and style are clearly readable.

Email Compose Link

Take a demo of this feature here.

By clicking on the email link, it will redirect you to the mail application and the id directly enters in the TO field. The process is the same when you manually enter the email id for crafting the mail. It eliminates any human errors and increases the subscription rate.

Our developers have already integrated the functionality to compose mail. The features fit well for the promotion and marketing purposes of the products.


Check out the whole page here.

The way news representation has drastically changed the media industry. Our web hosting website templates have a separate page for news that has categories, recent posts, and a footer. The widget has a mobile-friendly user interface and such a well-formulated website attracts the customers in large numbers.

The extra features are pagination, date, and time of posting and copyright notice. The ready-made tool adjusts to all browsers and is optimized for search engines.


Check out the whole website template here.

The logo is placed in the upper-right corner of the header. A logo is mandatory for your company’s identification and setting you apart from your competitors in the market. It reveals your company’s persona and the new clients can easily identify you by merely looking at the logo. The logos show the professional approach and make your business a trusted one.

We recommend hiring a graphic designer to design a logo that matches your brand.

Domain Check Availability

Take a demo of this feature here.

Before you purchase a domain, you should always check its availability. The user can simply enter a chosen domain extension and get the recommended or suitable extensions for their business.

The domain search bar in web hosting website templates have a text field to enter your preferred domain name or keywords, dropdown to select domain extension, and a ‘check availability’ button.

Working Steps

Check out how it works here.

The new users are most of the time confused while making a suitable decision for purchasing hosting and domain. Guiding the users through the screenshot is still the most preferred way to help people for website creation.

This widget has the slideshow representation where the website owner can demonstrate the steps to follow for the new users. By personally helping the clients you can give the authentic look and feel for your website.

Sidebar for Likes, Comments and Shares

Take a demo of it here.

Our template has a sidebar widget. It is paced on the right side of the header. The layout has different sections for comments, shares, and likes. Every section has its own icon and a tooltip appears on hover which shows their counts respectively.

The sidebar encourages users to build their trust and inspire them to frequently visit the website.

Plan Features

Check out the whole page here.

The plan features table has a dark background and every plan is displayed in separate rows and columns. Each information is organized systematically and convenient for people to understand and select the plans accordingly.

The pricing plan has static data that determine your business sales, growth, and performance. The layout appears cool, attractive, and eye-catchy.


The above article represents our modern website templates packed with valuable and extra-ordinary features. Our templates provide the platform and facilitate the visitors and users to enjoy browsing.

Some of the widgets are quite easy to customize which supports establishing your business horizon. Developers provide complete liberation for users to propose unique features and animation effects. Our templates have numerous ready-to-use features, possess responsiveness, and full-flexibility. The services are purely authentic and high-class which covers all your needs.

Our templates are available in both free and paid versions. Click here and follow the steps to download the free web hosting website templates from our great compilation.