Best Free Blog Website Templates 2020

November 28, 2020

Top 10 Blog Website Templates for New and Professional Bloggers

As a professional blogger, you may be looking for ways to showcase your writing to the world. If you are a good writer, you must consider bringing your thoughts to the world. There is no point in keeping them to yourselves.

To ensure this and express oneself as a blogger, we provide you with the collection of unique blog website templates.

Well, representing your writing skills is possible if you choose the right blog website template to represent your blogs online.

The free blog website templates of W3layouts provide you with the perfect layouts which are professional yet classy. These HTML website templates seem very promising due to their functionality and a wide variety of widgets for users.

Let us check the best collection of best HTML website templates that provide enough opportunities to design blog websites.

1.Beauty Blog Website Template


Designing the right website by choosing the correct template is no more a tedious task. This blog website template is creative enough to attract new clients and generate leads. This template helps you to present a professional blog website in no time.

Multi-level drop-down structure

This element is purely designed with HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery. This template supports multi hierarchical dropdown menus which are simple to integrate with your site. It allows users to eliminate the scrolling process and serves as a comprehensive navigational tool.

Latest, Top and Featured Posts

Apart from all the posts, the user wants to know about the latest and trending posts. The widget is set up under three different tabs with thumbnails on left and blog description on right.

Other highlights of the template

  • Breadcrumbs Navigation
  • Full-screen search bar
  • Featured videos

2.Trendy Blog Website Template


This blog website template has numerous features on a single page. The cards have transition effects in images, auto-sliding video gallery, tabs, and CTA buttons. The features adjust well with modern web browsers and are quite easy to edit.

Horizontal Marquee

This marquee causes the text or any web element to scroll horizontally. The marquee element constantly moves and fits well for news or other important highlights. It stops and starts on mouse over and mouse out.


This element allows organizing the content in collapsible items. It facilitates opening only one accordion at a time. It has separate glyph icons which respectively represent the opening and closing of the accordion.

Other highlights of the template

  • Smooth and responsive
  • SEO compatible
  • Auto sliding text over the background image

3.Fashion Blog Website Template


The Fashion blog website facilitates sharing blogging tips and advice by fashion experts. The template has features such as recent posts widget, tags, and smooth transition effects. The multi-media, map integration, and a contact form determine the visual attractiveness of the website.

Auto changing the background image

The background header automatically changes after every interval of a few seconds. The feature is 100% responsive and SEO compatible. You are free to change the images, their dimension, and the time interval of changing.

Multiple social sharing buttons

This template has multiple social media sharing buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and google plus. They are a platform to promote your business and services and extend your social media connections.

Other highlights of the template

  • Search box
  • Email subscription box
  • Navigational menus in footer

4.Style Blog Website Template


This HTML website template is a multi-niche blog category sharing templates such as travel blogs, fashion blogs, and music blogs. The template is flexible, easy to customize, and is a perfect blogging platform. It is a multi-page and light-weighted theme.


The footer has a dark theme which contains email subscription, showing latest tweets, Flickr images, and copyright notice. You are free to change its color, theme, or add some extra navigational links.


These shortcodes facilitate the user to implement on their website and accomplish certain features. There are separate codes for heading, buttons style and design, badges, alerts, progress bars, and tables. These codes save your time and also give a brief idea about the look and feel of the website before it goes live.

Other highlights of the template

  • Sharing on Twitter
  • Zoom-in and Zoom-out effect on hover
  • Pagination

5.Coffee Break Blog Website Template


It is a single category blog website template with flexible widgets and powerful attributes. The theme is responsive and retina-ready. It has a carousel for images, typo shortcodes, and clickable images in the gallery.


The archives widget facilitates bringing your old content together on a single page. You can divide the content into the monthly, weekly, or daily sections. The widget is fully customizable and placed on the right side of the home page.

Contact Form

If you want that the user should fill your contact form, make sure to make it unique and professional. The contact form in this HTML website template has a clean and user-friendly interface. They are the most reliable way to introduce your website to visitors.

Other highlights of the template

  • Website name
  • Search bar
  • Map integration

6.Pinball Blog Website Template

pinball blog website template

This blog website template is packed with awesome features such as contact form, address widget, copyright notice, and hamburger menu. The navigation bar opens with the animated effect and leaves the complete header bar non-clickable.


Your business needs a visual representation to give a professional look to your blog website. The logo makes you stand out and gives your business a separate brand identity. Our template has a placeholder that can be replaced by your business trademark.

User Image

In the blog website, the user specifically wants to know the author of blogs. The user image ensures your website’s truthfulness and credibility. It allows clients and users to recognize you from a bunch of website owners.

Other highlights of the template

  • Hamburger menu
  • Search bar
  • Map integration

7.Food Blog Website Template


This template facilitates building a website where the professional cooks and foodies can share their favorite recipes and dishes. It is a suitable platform to promote your cafes, restaurants, and advertise your business worldwide.

Placeholder for Widgets

This template has placeholders for heading, description, and sidebars. Such widgets are given so that the user can design his website in less time with fewer efforts. It allows you to manage content and customize the website.


Website ratings play an important role to attract customers in order to take an interest in your products. Five-star ratings ensure your content quality is good and the website has stunning features and widgets.

Other highlights of the template

  • Fixed scroll to top button
  • Navigation bars in the footer
  • CTA buttons

8.Quick Blog Website Template

quick blog website template

This HTML website template has very effective and modern features. The author’s name description on the home page, search button, CTA buttons, and copyright notice are the most striking features.

Recent Blogs

This attribute features the list of most recently published blogs. It has a separate layout with date, name of the author, and CTA button. On clicking on the button, it navigates you to another page.


The Twitter Feed widget showcases the most famous tweets related to your blog and website. You can display multiple tweets that promote your website and reach a maximum audience worldwide.

Other highlights of the template

  • 100% responsive
  • SEO compatible
  • Contact Form

9.Catatan si boy Blog Website Template

catatan si boy

This HTML website template is the most simple and unique one. The text is written in italic fonts and has dark color combinations. The navigational menus are placed in the separate bar below the header over the dark theme layout.


If the website is supported by quotation marks, it tends to get more recognition. You can add any quotations from experts along with the author’s name. The widget has the date of publication, quotation written in italics along with the number of comments.

Hamburger for mobile view

On clicking on the hamburger menu, the navigation drawer opens which is transparent in appearance. The feature can be seen in the mobile view and ensures user engagement on the website.

Other highlights of the template

  • Comments section
  • CTA button
  • Search box

10.Weblog Blog Website Template


The Weblog website template has a pro-footer with clickable thumbnails, registration form, drop-down menus, and social media sharing buttons. It is a light-colored theme and has multiple widgets on the home page.

Sign In Form

The sign-in form is the first step for users to prove their genuineness. This form has an email address, password, and sign-in button. The form is kept in the center of the page and is quite simple in appearance.

Manual sliding video gallery

This sliding gallery has arrows on both sides to switch between the videos. It facilitates to slide effortlessly, occupies less space, and provides room for other web elements. The videos are static, you are free to customize them according to your requirements.

Other highlights of the template

  • Contact form
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Search form

Our blog website templates allow you to advertise blogs and instantly connect with the audience. The templates are designed with latest web elements and can incorporate with any blog website

Our templates are available in both free and premium versions.

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