Best Free Sports Website Templates 2020

November 26, 2020

10 best free sports website templates of 2020 for yoga centers, gyms, and sporting event organizers.

Sports websites are getting immensely popular as they play an important part in the lives of the sports fanatic. Sports lovers always look for responsive sports website templates to promote sports-related activities. W3layouts stands as the one-stop solution to present the best website templates which ensure easy and reliable integration.

The templates from W3layouts are packed with impressive and wonderful features. Each template from our inclusive collection provides a list of immeasurable characteristics. You just need to take a pick that suits your requirements and specifications.

We have a great collection of sports website templates available for free download and fully optimized for the audience’s needs.

Let us check some of the best sports website templates from our comprehensive compilation.

1.Pool Sports Website Template

pool website template

The Pool sports website template is available for free download and is particularly designed to create websites for swimming pool games organizers. This website template has high-quality images, a hamburger menu, and social sharing icons. With a great color combination, these remarkable widgets ideally gratify your needs.

Single Page Template

The single layout template eliminates the needs of multiple clicks. It is highly modernized and facilitates the user to find information readily on a single page in an organized way. This makes the template convenient and user-friendly.


Take advantage of the custom logo support and set your brand recognition on the website. Every website on the internet is identified by its unique individuality. Customers and search engines expect business owners to have their unique brand identity. This allows ranking their website on top in search engines.

Other Highlights of the Template

  • Zoom-in and Zoom-out effects on click and hover
  • Lightbox in Gallery
  • Newsletter subscription

2.Cycle Sports Website Template

cycle website template

The templates open new opportunities for designing websites to promote activities such as track cycling, road bicycle, cyclo-cross or to sell products for cycle sports activities.

The template has a background header image that separates the menus and piece of content by a thin border. The other features are a discount offers section, lightbox in the gallery, contact form, and copyright notice.


The blog page facilitates sharing their tips and instructions for sports and their related activities. It has an appealing presentation with images followed by title and description in separate cards. On clicking, every card takes you to a different page.


Introducing your partners presents you as a transparent professional which guarantees quality services. Emerging as a truthful service provider will attract a large number of audiences on the website. All the partner logos are horizontally placed in a row.

Other Highlights of the Template

  • Footer background image
  • Fixed scroll to top button
  • Responsiveness

3.Skater Sports Website Template

The skater sports website template is specially designed for centers or clubs of skating sports like ice skates, figure skating, and roller derby. It possesses outstanding features such as auto changing background header images, 3d cards, CTA buttons, map integration, and a contact form.

Lightbox Effect in Gallery

Lightbox highlights the clicked images leaving the complete background in dark mode. It allows switching between the images internally by clicking on the left and right arrows. It has a cross button to close the lightbox and the count of the active image from the total images.

Error Page

The error page appears when the user enters invalid URLs in the address bar. The page shows an error message ‘page not found’ along with a CTA button which allows the user to ‘go to home page’.

Other Highlights of the Template

  • SEO Compatible
  • Social Media Integration
  • Auto Sliding News Cards

4.Yoga Lite Sports Website Template

yoga lite website template

Yoga Lite is specially designed for building websites for yoga, gym, and wellness centers. The template has hamburger menus, logo, CTA buttons, round frame images, and client reviews. Navigational links in the footer, email subscription form, and social sharing buttons are other features that deliver a striking appearance.

Appointment Form

The appointment form has a white layout placed over a transparent image. The highlighting fields are username, contact number, address, timing, and ‘quick appointment’ button. The form facilitates the user to quickly book their meetings online. The form is fully responsive and looks great on mobile devices.


The data statistics inform about what services of your website are in demand by the customers. This facilitates you to focus on other aspects of data stats. Sharing your website on social media will make a significant rise in statistics on the website.

Other Highlights of the Template

  • Search Bar
  • Comment Section for Blogs
  • Sign-in and Sign-up form

5.Surf Inn Sports Website Template


This well-structured template is designed to build websites to endorse and sell surf products such as sports equipment, clothing, and accessories for sports activities.

The template is designed with light and dark color combinations that are easily customizable. Sliding testimonials, subscription box, and lightbox in the gallery are other attractive features.

Shopping cart

The feature is for online sports accessories stores that facilitate the sale of products such as bags, sports helmets, and water sports. Every product is placed in a separate card with the product name, price, ratings, and adding to the cart button. On card hover, the ‘quick view’ button appears which takes the user to a different page for completing the purchasing process.

Pricing plans

The pricing plans allow the users to choose the offers according to their budget. They increase the conversation rate and encourage a significant rise in sales. You are free to display your several plans listed with their features and pricing. The card has zoom-in, zoom-out, and color-changing effects on hover.

Other Highlights of the Template

  • Full-Screen Search Bar
  • Bootstrap drop-down menus
  • Smooth Responsiveness

6.Fit-Club Sports Website Template

The Fit-club sports website template is particularly designed to build websites for gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs.

The template has an auto-sliding background image, hamburger menu, pricing plans, and footer. It is packed with awesome elements and widgets which fit in every mobile device.

Team Section

The pictures of your team members are arranged in a vertical list. On clicking each list, the complete details of the person such as user image, description, and contact details are displayed on the right of the block.

Contact Form

The contact form allows visitors to get in touch with the website owners. Business owners can manage and resolve the user’s queries from this contact form. Such forms can also be used for lead generation and email marketing.

Other Highlights of the Template

  • Move to the bottom arrow
  • Map integration
  • Auto-sliding testimonial

7.Fettle Sports Website Template


This template fits well to design websites for yoga clubs, Zumba centers, martial arts, and free-weight gyms.

The Fettle Sports Website Template is built with HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery. The template possesses a great interface for mobile and desktop versions.

Embed your business video

The video frame in the template has a user-friendly and stunning interface. Display your compelling videos with the interface to instantly connect the users with your business. Showcasing a video is always more impactful when compared to long descriptions.


Inform users about your class schedules, meetings and special events with the timeline widget. The widget is quite useful, informative, and prompts the users to spend more time on page.

Other Highlights of the Template

  • Transition effects on page load
  • Auto sliding
  • Hamburger menu for mobile view

8.Billiards Sports Website Template

The template is useful for people who wish to develop websites to promote billiards sports such as snooker, straight rail, straight pool, and bar pool.

The template has high-quality background images and multi-color layouts and cards. Gallery has images of the identical size which open in a pop-up on click.

Multi-page Layout

Multi-page layouts allow you to constantly add new items and possess outstanding SEO potential thereby increasing the market reach. They are useful for multi-purpose projects and are adaptable to the latest browsers.

Codes and Typography

Codes and typography facilitate the user to select suitable fonts, headings, button designs, alert messages, and other styles for the website. Such plenty of options are explained with demos which allows the user to integrate them into his site.

Other Highlights of the Template

  • Responsive and SEO-compatible
  • Newsletter subscription form
  • Contact Form

9.Football Club Sports Website Template

football club

The Football club sports website template is available for free download. The template is used to design websites for football club sports such as rugby football, Gaelic football, and gridiron football.

Club Membership Form

Sharing the club membership plan will ensure trust among the users and prompt them to generate interest in your business. The template fits well to sell your services. Each plan is organized in a separate card with its title, description, budget, and CTA button.


The pro-footer has clickable images, newsletter subscription box, social sharing buttons, contact widget, and copyright notice. The footer is fully customizable and you are free to add or remove items of your choice.

Other highlights of the template

  • Outer shadow effects on hover and click
  • Transparent layouts
  • High-quality background images

10.Lotus Point Sports Website Template

lotus point

The Lotus Point Sports Website Template is designed to build websites for yoga, fitness clubs, and gyms,

It has transparent text fields, registration form, data counters, and map integration. It has a pleasing interface and is suitable for both your personal and professional projects.


Using tabs, the content can be shown in a minimum area, making the optimum use of space. In tabs, every piece of content is arranged in separate panels and only one panel can be viewed at a time.

Slick Slider

Slick sliders are used to display valuable content that encourages the user for CTA. The widget is designed with HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery. It has infinite looping and swipe-enable for mobile devices.

Other Highlights of the Template

  • Time counter for special events
  • Transition effects for images on hover and click
  • Bootstrap Interface

These templates fit for professional as well as personal purposes. Most of the templates offer customization and support every screen resolution and browser. The themes are designed with HTM5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and JQuery.

The templates keep the viewers engaged and are suitable for your online projects.

Our templates are available in both free and paid versions.

Click here and follow the steps to download free sports website templates from our amazing compilation.