Top 10 Most Downloaded W3layouts Templates

November 25, 2020
Whether you’re a freelance web developer or an SMB, website templates are bliss for you. Website templates eliminate the need for a UI/UX designer to some extent and help you cut down your overhead costs. The team at W3layouts works hard to make sure each and every template caters to the specific needs of web developers. We are elated to see the huge number of downloads month over month and so here we are with a list of 10 most downloaded website templates in July 2019.

Corporate Business Website Templates

Online presence is key for every business nowadays and corporate businesses are not different. Corporate business websites need not look boring and unappealing. From marketing agencies to a local camping business, we have got you covered. Our corporate website templates are built with almost every business in mind. These HTML templates are fully responsive and stunningly designed to give your website that extra edge. The following are the most downloaded Corporate Business website templates in July 2019.

Promote – Corporate Website Template

Promote - Corporate Website Template
Promote Website TEmplate

Intense – Corporate Website Template

Intense - Corporate Website Template
Promote Website Template

Infinitude – Corporate Website Template

Infinitude - Corporate Website Template
Infinitude Website Template

Ecommerce Website Templates

Building an online store is hard and we understand the difficulties one might face while doing the same. While you, as a developer, need to take care of the intricacies of the site; we have taken care of the design. We have designed some beautiful E-commerce website templates that will give your online store’s design the much-needed edge. From grocery online store to fashion to electronics, we have designs for all kinds of e-commerce. The following are the most downloaded online store website templates in July 2019.

Grocery Store – Ecommerce Template

Grocery Store - Ecommerce Website Templates
Grocery Website Template

Elite Shoppy – Ecommerce Template

Elite Shoppy - Ecommerce wEbsite Template
Elite Shoppy Website Templates

Baggage – Ecommerce Template

Baggage Ecommerce Website Tempates
Baggage Website Template

Admin Panel Web Templates

Creating dashboards is not only hard, but it can also get quite intimidating sometimes. Let’s be honest, analytics dashboards are a necessity these days and not just an option. It’s true that there are free tools like Google Analytics, but having your own dashboards and data analytics gives you more control of that business funnel as well as helps in product enhancement. Our admin dashboard templates are made keeping in mind all kinds of data that a business needs to track. Not only that, we’ve picture-perfected each dashboard to suit all forms of products and businesses. The dashboards are sleek, clean and beautifully designed so that you stay on top of your data all the time! The following are the most downloaded admin dashboard templates in July 2019.

Shoppy Ecommerce Admin Panel

Shoppy e-commerce admin dashboard templates

Glance Design Dashboard

Glance Design Dashboard Web Templates

Modernize Admin Panel Dashboard

Modernize Admin panel website templates

Society & People Website Template

Developing web templates for such a category is tricky as the content is very delicate. Our team, at W3layouts, has created some beautiful HTML website templates which cater to Non-profits, NGOs, Healthcare sites, etc. The designs are responsive, clean, on-point and address the categories clearly. For this list, we have one bonus template which belongs to the Society & People webs template category and has been one of the most downloaded this month. It has been designed specifically to cater to childcare/ baby center websites.

Nanny – Society & People Website Template

Nanny - An Html Website template for Child care
Nanny Website Templates
Our developers have worked hard to nail these designs and we’ll be eager to see what you create with these themes. Whether you are building an e-commerce store or a childcare website, the possibilities are endless with W3layouts’ HTML web templates. Do check out the Demo & Edit features for each design which will give you more control over how you want the final design to look like. Also, we recently launched Contact forms for static websites that require no coding whatsoever; so make sure you check that out also.