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Emails are a great way to build professional relationships and to market your products. But, normal emails are way too basic to serve this purpose and are not recommended at all.

Take a look at our range of free email templates that have been created keeping in mind the varied uses. These HTML email templates look absolutely stunning and will definitely help you loads in closing that deal or acquiring those new leads.

Email Marketing always has been and will be the best online marketing strategy for your business 

With the evolution of a huge number of messaging apps, the millennials are already under the influence of the ‘emoji epidemic’. It looks like the trend of emails does not exist anymore for them. A business marketer coming from this category of millennials will promote his business on these apps without knowing some of the facts. And, after dropping down a lot of sweat, he will complain about lack of  the conversion.   

Truth is difficult to digest they say. If you are one amongst these newbie business marketers, let us introduce two facts about emails that will fall on your feet and shake your ground.

  1. There are 3.9 billion email users in the world currently. (For your information, the world total population is 7.7 billion
  2. For every 1$ spent on email marketing, it drives 44$ back to the businesses.  

Unbelievable, right?   

More than 50% of the world’s population are active users of email. And, the return on investment is skyrocketing. The common folks calling themselves ‘geeks’ and busy scrolling their timelines may not be aware of this. But an intelligent business marketer will never ignore these facts.  

If you have launched your business and you want it to flourish, the next obvious step you must follow is starting an email marketing campaign without wasting any time 

You are too busy with your projects!! 

To launch an email marketing campaign, you need to intelligently examine your existing audience, study your target audience, design your email newsletters, elaborately plan out everything and Securely hosted email services to send the newsletter out. All this demands a lot of time.  

And, if you have a humongous project on your shoulders, how will you manage everything You don’t have time even to cook an omelet for yourself.  

Well, under such a tight situation, a handy email template can solve a major part of your problem.  

No need to study anything about web design. What you need to do is browse through the designs, download them, drag and drop some elements across the interface and that’s it! You’re done! 

W3Layouts has an amazing collection of email templates 

Using an email template not only saves a lot of time but also helps you to create an identity for your brand.   

An email newsletter or email campaign is to communicate with your potential clients and customers. It is the voice of your brand!   

And, if you are confused with the kind of visual tone to choose, you can get a spark of inspiration by browsing through our sea of templates. 

We have an exhaustive collection of email templates for you with a wide range of colors, fonts, tones, layouts, orientations, alignments, grids and widgets. Just type your requirement in the search box and it will be served on your plate! This gives you awesome browsing experience. 

If you feel any of these responsive email templates need some sort of adjustments to suit your style, you can either use our website builder to edit them or you can do it on your own like an email designer. After you adjust, don’t forget to give a backlink. 

Any type of business you are into, we have email templates for all of them. Below listed are 10 most popular categories of email templates we offer, 

Corporate Business
You have excellent services to offer your customers. But they will serve no purpose if nobody knows about it. Reach out to your prospective clients before anybody else does. Don’t waste time anymore. Prepare an email newsletter using our templates showcasing away your services. Check out our collection of email templates for corporate business. 

An upcoming fashion designer, or an online fashion store, deliver your email newsletters straight into the inbox of your audience and convert them into your fans. And, do it in vogue, using the fashion email templates at the display. Almost an infinite range of themes will inspire and thrust your motivation to skying levels. 

Want to reach out to people with an exciting travel package? Design a refreshing newsletter using the travel email newsletter templates from our website. They are in line with the current HTML5, CSS3, and responsive web design

An assorted ensemble of brilliant and exotic email templates to let you announce your marriage to your friends and family. You can also use our assorted collection of dazzling wedding email newsletter templates for your wedding costume outlets, online wedding apparel store, or wedding management company. 

You can either educate your customers about the newest trends in the agriculture industry or send a quick newsletter announcing your latest organic farming products. Go through our agriculture email templates and make your choice. All the templates are developed with HTML codes and are ready to download. Just edit the content as per your requirements and begin! 

Storm into the mailboxes of your audience with the delicious offerings from your restaurant. Prepare a newsletter using our customizable templates by drag and drop methods and send a shout out. The responsive HTML email templates on our site are designed considering the trends of the users’ tastes. 

Real estate
An email newsletter can work wonders for real estate agents. Most of the time, selling even one single property becomes a monstrous task. Maybe you have not tapped the right audience yet! But an email newsletter exhibiting a fresh new property on the beachside can open a new market for you. Check out our collection of real estate HTML email templates. 

Now and then, there is a wave of discounts from eCommerce giants nowadays. And, how do they reach their customers? Newsletters!! You must have surely got at least one from them in your inbox. Build an attractive email newsletter for your eCommerce site using our responsive HTML template and compete with the giants in the industry.    

Make a unanimous announcement about the latest sports news, the latest soccer match, fresh sports apparel at your store, or a new podcast giving tips about basketball! Download a fully responsive HTML template and prepare a beautiful email newsletter to fulfill your objective. 

Interior Design
Whether you have an interior designing business, or you are a newbie architect diving into the unknowns of the freelance world, email services certainly help you in every way. Most of your customers are already logged into their email accounts. And, dropping smartly designed newsletters can result in clicks and traffic increase on your landing page. 

This is only a brief list of categories of email templates we have on W3layouts. Apart from these, more than we have a massive number of templates in more than 40 categories. Once you download them, you edit some of them in our website builder.  

With such a wide range of choices to offer, we guarantee you that your search for the website template will come to an end at W3layouts. Download and have fun!